Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Few rambles..

Okay, those of you with little boys or girls (up to size 14), I simply *have* to share with you my new, favorite children designer- mini boden. Yes, they've been around, but the more often I get their catalogs, the more I'm obsessing over these outfits! Oh. my. cuteness! I'm telling you, ORDER their free catalog... it's drool-worthy, for sure.

And, Hanna Andersson is another favorite. SO comfy and SO precious! Again.. order a catalog. Really, you will thank me later.

On a fun note, found these awesome Mii cupcakes:

For those of you with a Wii, you know what these are all about. :) You can find more yummy & creative things like this at Bakerella.

Face it unbeleivably puffy from that darn olive bread.. making me feel not so great, but darnit. It sure is good. So good that i had to go back in for another slice today. Yes, I'll be retaining MORE water from the salt for another day.... but man oh man, it's ever so worth it. GOOD Stuff. I'm actually getting ready to go downstairs, plug in the ipod and run on the treadmill in hopes to sweat all this salt out of me.

I'm suppose to go to my appointment tommorow to the ultimate vein care place. They called today and I didn't pick up the phone... she said to call in the morning to make sure they are open because of the winter storm. Honestly, I WANT to go.. I NEED to go (HORRIBLE circulation and have some issues with overacting veins) but man, I just don't want to stand in a pair of "doctor supplied" undies with my out of shape legs/boot-tay in sheer embarrassment. I know, I know... get over, but I just have to mentally pysche myself up for it and it just hasn't happened. Plus, I'm bloated like a cow which doesn't help. So.. I'm probally just going to reschedule.

Our lights flickered, which is scary. There are over 60k people without power right now due to the ice. D and I just looked at each other like "Oh, crap!". All the trees have ice on them. Chelcey just came down to say that on the TV is says that they have school, but I don't think they would announce it so soon. On the website, which was just updated 5min. ago says they are still undecided. We're suppose to get up to 4 more inches of snow by tommorow afternoon. The thought of them having to get in a car and risking it on these roads isn't something that I'm excited about, so... we'll see.

Ok- need to wrap up dinner. Made a roast, potato's, and mac & cheese last night. Tonight? Leftovers.. awwww.. ever so easy :)

Later... still haven't uploaded the photos, so.. hang tight. :)

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