Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow and Ice... and, no school.

Last night the girls were doing a little "snow jiggy" (aka: snow dance) in hopes they woudln't have school today :) It must have worked. The ice started last night, so I was up at 2:30am, 3:30am, and 5:30am to check for school closing in hopes we could all sleep in. FINALLY was doing the touch-down dance at 5:30am when they FINALLY anncounces the closings. Half the city was closed. It's been raining, well.. sleeting all day and the snow has nothing but a layer of ice over it. The girls have been having a fun day off, Holly came over and they've been playing camp rock in the basement pretty much all day. They did venture out in the snow/ICE for about 10min., but.. that didn't last long, the wimps. J/k :) I actually made them come in because c'mon.. it's RAINING people, and it's 20 degrees outside. Ugh, no thanks.

D has a meeting tommorow at 9:30am, some dude driving down from Bowling Green so he wants to go over and clean up the office. I told him the dude probally wouldn't even attempt it once he hears about the weather (suppose to continue through the night- ice)- but... he thinks he will. Ugh. So, who knows....

I made that awesome Cheesy Olive Bread last night and awh man, that stuff IS DA BOMB! Of course, I'm swollen like a freaking COW today from all the SALT (why the heck can't I digest salt????).. but man, I just can't stay away from this BREAD. Dudes- you simply MUST try it. I tool pictures (what? that surprises you?) so I'll post those a little later, along with snow/ice pictures. Just wanted to tell ya though that I *did* make this killer stuff last night and that pioneer lady wasn't messin' around when she said this stuff rocks. So, TRY it... so easy that I can even make it :)

Posted some stuff on ebay... here's my stuff. I have tons of watchers, just no action. I did sell a cute little american girl dress, nothing to write home about but it *did* cover the cute little forever21 brown jacket I just bought (lol).. here's the little dress. So.. want to get a few more things listed. This time of year is SO DEAD for ebay, which sucks... but it usually picks up early march for summer stuff.

Ok.. need to bail. Aspen and I worked on her little "Book Talk" for about 3hrs. last night for school. This is the time of year where they have to become the chartacter of a book and then dress up, take in props, and tell the story from the characters view point. Really cute. This year, Aspen is doing "Junie B. Jones is a party animal", Sis is doing "Molly Lou Mellon" (same as Aspen from last year- lol) and Addi is doing a mouse that can't stop dancing. :) Totally cute, but man... talk about work to get these kids to memorize things (lol). Aspen's was suppose to be today but was postponed until next tuesday because of no school. And Addi & Sis have theirs next week as well. :) I'll let ya know how it goes. I'll take pictures :) :)

I'll pop back on later tonight to share photos :) see ya then.

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