Thursday, January 22, 2009

Food Rambles... I know, exciting- right?

Since I dropped $230 at the grocery store the other night (don't ask... I went in without a list, no coupons in sight, and well.... the rest explains itself!).... I felt compelled to talk about food. I have been SO tierd of buying the same 'ole stuff... cooking the same 'ole dinners... you know how it goes. Well, they had a TON of lean cuzine meals on sale for $1.99, so... you should see my freezer. :) I stocked up for lunch! Surprisingly enough, they are really good. I had the pesto chicken the other day for lunch (on pita bread) and yum! I actually really liked it. I never buy frozen foods.. rarely.. and I have to say, I stocked up on quite a few of them just to have something "different to eat". I also saw a commercial for veggie burgers (yum!) so I grabbed a few of those frozen "Amy's" veggie burgers and I'm excited to try those, too. See, don't I *LOOK* excited? :)

So, on the frozen food bandwagon that I was.. Louisville is one of 4 places that the "Joy of Cooking" frozen products are being tested to see how well they are proceived. So, I picked up a few... last night for dinner I made this: fettichiini with brocoli & alfredo sauce which I added chicken to, along with garlic & herb roasted potato's... big hit! I've been looking for new things to cook (always get so burnt out).. and this was SOO easy to make. I know, such the gormet cook over here, but it was SO EASY/FAST to make. I added my own chicken to it (it's just the alfredo/brocoli in the bag) and bought the roasted potato's (that big green guy- the Jolly green giant dude) and dinner was finsihed in about 15-20min. Super easy and after I doctered up the alfredo with seasonings.. we were good to go! So.. if you're looking for a FAST dinner option, there ya go! You can also add shrimp to the meal, but bleech! no thanks :) ....Check out the other foods they have HERE.

Speaking of freezers and frozen stuff... I don't know if I told you, but the other day we got about an inch of snow. The girls had a blast playing in it (the puney stuff that it was), and Aspen made a new friend. (look in the middle.. do you see him?) and ya know what? Who CARES that this little dude lives in our freezer... he actually quite enjoys it in there. And see, he can come out an play, too... :)
This is the little snowman that Aspen made, and dressed up... and then, planted it inside my freezer so he doesn't melt. Nice, huh? Oh.. the entertainment in this house. :)

It's hard to beleive that I spent that much and the snack food (thanks to the oinkers I call my children!!!) is almost all gone. My children think that just because they SEE food, it must be put in their mouths... just don't get it. WHY WONDER we never have food in this house. So now, 2 days later from spending that much money.. you'll find me (again....) at the store stocking up. UGH! I think maybe I'll hit Sams or Cosco this weekend for snackage... it's insane how much 5 kids can consume.

Dude.. if you're looking for the BEST salsa you simply *gotta try* the Black Bean and Corn Salsa by Newman's Best.. Oh. My. Word. My family DEVOURS this stuff.. it's scrumptious and everytime I go to the store, I always have to buy 2 containers of it simply because they go through it so darn fast. It's THAT good...!CHECK IT OUT, DUDE!

AND.. the lunch room at school. It costs us $15/DAY for our children to eat school lunches. That's $75/WEEK on just school LUNCHES. Yea, I knew it was expensive.. but when JUST sent in a check ($100) for the 3 little ones at their school, and just a few days later I received notice that they were running low (again).. because we were already in a negative state in their accounts (oh stop, YOU try to stay on top of all these freaking lunch accounts.. lol)... it was an eye opener! So.. this weekend, I'm STOCKING UP on not only SNACK stuff, but SCHOOL LUNCH stuff. It's just too expensive otherwise. That's insane.. and trust me, the school lunches are nothing to write home about. How the heck they charge $3 per lunch is crazy to me. So, lets hope I can get creative in packing lunches... there ya go again.. packing the same 'ole thing..... I want my kids to eat HEALTHY-- I guess I just have to learn to get creative.

I have soooo many coupons to cut/organize it's not even funny.. maybe I can make this priority tonight. DOES ANYONE know where I can find a COUPON ORGANIZER? I've looked high and low for one of these suckers and can't find one ANYWHERE. I sort them all in envelopes, labeled accordingly currently (Dairy, Snacks, Beauty, etc.) and I typically sort through them before I go to the store and only end up pulling the coupons that I need (according to my grocery list). HOWEVER.. I *want* to take all my coupons with me to the store in case there is a good sale going on, I change my mind, etc. etc. KWIM? SO.. any help you guys can give me on where to locate one of these pups would be ever so awesome. :)

I had a yummy toasted blueberry bagel with cream cheese for breakfast (I'll skip lunch today....) and eating that bagel *so* makes me want that darn veggie bagel that I showed you guys yesterday.. you know.... THIS ONE!!!! *insane-mouth-droolling-action going on.* SLURP!!!!!!!!!

My cat *always* has to be next to me throughout the day... he's ALWAYS beside me. Most of the time, he's stretched out somewhat on my computer, which annoys me. I mean really.. can he NOT see that I'm typing? Here he is right now :)

Okay.. I know, after this post you can CLEARLY see that I simply have *WAY* too much time on my hands and I clearly need a job!!!! LOL.. Ok, I'm off. Need to post a few things on ebay (yeah, finally...). I have laundry going, dishes are done/put away, and toliets are smelling mighty fine (lol). Need to sweep/mop/dust, etc.. and.. clean the bathrooms (minus the toliets, thank you very much!) :) They I'll feel better about my day. Need to run out to the post office before I get the kiddos- I HAVE to do that tonight. *ugh*... anyways.. later peeps and ugh....

I'll see ya later!


ChristineR said...

This is what I use to organize my coupons. It can be found over by the school supplies. :)

chrystal said...

Oh Christine, AWESOME idea!!!!... This would work out PERFECTLY!!! Thanks, chick!!!!