Sunday, January 4, 2009


Ok, we bought this house 2.5 years ago, have a TON of windows in our great room and we have YET to put any window treatments on them. Mainly because I haven't known what KIND I should put in there. Face it people, home decorating is fun to watch on HGTV, but my creative gene was to be geared toward PAPER... not decorating. :)

*HOWEVER*.. I FOUND the type of curtains that D and I *both* agree on and I'm PYSCHED!.... Now, if I can locate this style somewhere we'll be in business. :) And, well.. the money for them might be needed, too. :) LOL...

In our great room, we have two side windows on two windows right next to the fireplace. I'm goin to do regular curtains (straight down) on the straight across windows, and the windows next to the fireplace, I will do matching curtains to the others, only in this style:

AND... for our deck double doors, they are still bare too. I found the PERFECT treatments for those, too:

LOVE them... now, if ANYONE knows what these are called- I would LOVE it if you could share. I'm CLUELESS on curtains and I'm SOLD on both of these styles :)

Ok.. just wanted to share :) We're running out the door now for church.... gotta scram! lol

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Tricia said...

They are called roman shades. you can get the kind like shown in the picture where you tie them up..or you can get the kind that you pull the string and they "pleat" up. I just bought some and they are bamboo..I LOVE only took me 9 years to figure out what my windows needed! LOL