Monday, January 26, 2009

Shout out to Savannah & Aspen.. oooh, yeah!!!

Just a little shout out to my girlies Savannah and Aspen for their STELLAR spelling tests from Friday. You two *ROCK!*.

Aspen, the spelling champ that she is (yeah, not my genes on THAT one, go figure!) got a 100%. Way to go, woman!! :)

And, Savannah.. who as I've mentioned really struggles in school.. ususally, on spelling she will be lucky to get a few right :( I'll have an update on her and the whole "learning difference" and school options soon... well, last week she only missed ONE spelling word, but because her class requires that they include the dictation sentences along with the spelling words, she missed several words in her dictation sentences which caused her to still get a 20% :( even though she got all but ONE word wrong (I totally think this is unfair and told her teacher about it at the conference on Friday.. what? Like you had to worry about me speaking my mind.. lol). WELL... LOOK at her test from Friday.. SHE DID SO WONDERFUL! :) 96%- she got BOTH dictation sentences right and only missed ONE WORD!!! I'm SOOO proud of her! :) We high-fived about a million times and man, it made her SO proud of how well she did.

SO.. way to go chicks.. :)

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