Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Ramblings...

D had to catch at 7am flight to Chicago today to meet with the Mayor of Hobart, IL (new project), so that meant me taking ALL the girls to school (3 different campus on 3 different sides of town).. so, we had to get up extra early to make it all happen. :) No one was late though, had 15min. to spare when the little ones got to school, so... all was good! (shew!).

Today is Grandparents day for the kindergarders, they have to receit the entire Psalm 23 verse and it's always so cute :) GREAT little memories. They have had the same program (grandparents day) for the last 3 years in a row (I should know since Sis and Aspen had to do the same thing-lol) only this year the parents weren't invited (punks! :lol).. so, AUnt Sue-Sue and Papa (D's dad) picked Addi up at 9am and they are there now.

I was suppose to be at Curves at 10am to re-enroll, YES-- SO EXCITED!! (BUT) I called to reschedule for Monday at 11am. Just works out better... today is my final day to get this stuff done for the church sale tommorow and I'm still SWIMMING in all this stuff. Still overwhelmed, and had I not "checked out" the last 2 days from being overwhelmed...maybe I would have been done by now. SO.. today is crunch day, I told myself last night that I refuse to let this overwhelm me.. I'm just going to take what I can and the other stuff can just get donated to Wayside Christian Mission when I get to it. I'm not going to kill myself over a yard sale :lol I stressed myself out last year too.... what's that about anyways? Pitiful...

So.. that's on the agenda today: Yard sale stuff.

I have to pick up the whole crew from school (ususally D gets Courtney who is COMPLETELY on the other side of town from where the babies are), so I'll be bookin' it across town. Should be fun, esp. with Friday afternoon traffic :)

Then, older girls dad will be at the house at 4pm to pick them up. Then, D's back in town at 4pm, we have to start hauling all this stuff over to the church, set it up, tag it and get ready to work the sale at 7:30am I was SOOoOOO looking forward to a sleep in day, but hey! The girls are on spring break after today, so there's always MONDAY, right? :lol What I would do to sleep PAST 9am.. it's been SO LONG.

I made some cheesy, creamy, chicken enchilitta's for dinner last night. The receipe was stressing me out, so I just took 3 receipes and did my own variation.. they were a hit, so :) that was good! But MAN, it took FOREVER... talk about a high maintence dinner. It'll be awhile before I make that one again. Of course, I needed a few ingredients that I didn't get at the store (go figure), so after I took Chelc to work, Addi and I went BACK to Kroger (I LIVE at that place!), picked up the stuff and then it was homework... I just didn't start dinner as soon as I COULD have. I should have went to the store during the DAY, started dinner around 4pm, and then we would have been good to go! But.. didn't happen. I have to get better at time managment (lol)... awh, story of my life. Good news is that we have plenty of leftovers, so.. no cooking for me tonight which is a good thing since we'll be at the church until late anyways. *yawn*....

Okay.. need to get off this computer and attack more stuff. I will NOT allow this to overwhelm me today. I'm simply going to take what I can and the rest of it can wait. Enough said! Yes, I'm excited to 1) Help the church out 2) Get rid of the extra stuff/clutter but 3) my sanity is important too. I wonder why I get so easily overwhelmed with certain things like this, but other things that are high-stress situations I just roll right through them? My brain is a crazy thing.. that, I can assure you! :) Okay.. I'm off! Addi will be back home at 11:30 (1 hour) and once that kid is home, NOTHING gets done. WHen Savannah is home they are glued to one another's hips (best buddies those two!) but when it's just Addi and I... oh my! She's a very needy / high matience / doesn't stop talking a mile a minute kid!! LOL.. so... one hour to go.. get on hour mark, get set.... I"M GONE! ;) LATER!

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