Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Chat...

Pretty quite day around here... it rained, so.. no park for us. Susan (D's sister) called and invited the girls out to dinner with her and Papa (D's dad), so.. that's on the agenda tonight. And, naturally since we will be KID FREE, D and I are going to take full advantage of it and go out to dinner outselves :) That means no cooking for me, no dishes to clean and that makes me one HAPPY chick!

I cleaned my bathroom today (what a job THAT was)... but I'm not all the way finsihed! I figure tommorow I can wrap it up (it was a MESS, to say lightly!).. I did some other light cleaning and that was about it.

Nothing too exciting... talked to the older girls. Courtney was a little miffed because Chris wanted to take Chelcey to Chatanooga birthday shopping and Courtney is *not* a shopper. I guess they've already been shopping a few times since they've been there and Courtney just had no desire to go. I guess Chelcey and Chris went on a hike in the mountains, and since Courtney didnt want to go- she stayed with Chris' parents. Courtney was hoping to come home sooner so she could go to Cinninatti with us, but it doesn't look like it's happening. I thought it would be fun since everyone is doing something except Sis and Addi that the 4 of us drive to Cinni and stay the night, go to the zoo, go to Ikea (yeah!), or something.... still up in the air if we're going or not, but I hope so! Steffannee (friend from church) is looking for a babysitter for baby Drew (5mo) on Saturday, so if we do end up going I'm thinking maybe we will go THursday evening that way, I will be here to help her out on Saturday. We'll see.... I think there is suppose to be a drive-through type zoo there or something (what I've heard)... need to check into it some more.

ok.. need to figure out what I'm going to wear. I'm bloated like a cow (ate a 1/2 pigs in the blanket that I made the girls for lunch and my body does *not* do well with processed food.. so now I'm paying for it). Ugh. Crap.. need to call Curves and reschedule my workout. I hate that I have to "schedule" my first 3 workouts with them... my schedule is always so up in the air, I just don't do good in scheduling things, ya know? SO.. need to call them and figure out when a good time is. I'm outta here! See ya!

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