Tuesday, April 7, 2009

COLD outside (and yes, I'm a weeney!)...

Man, I'm sitting over here freezing my tushy off! Our stupid heater isn't working for some reason (who knows.... the thing is 4 years old and I honestly think it already needs to be replaced, well.. so our heater/ac dude said a few months back!.. sweet!). Anyways, it's been spitting snow all day, crazy stuff!

I actually woke up REALLY productive today which was so needed! After D left with the girls, I went ahead and got ready for the day. you know, the hair/make-up/getting dressed WITH shoes on, thankyouverymuch! :) And it actually helped get me modivated! Plopped a roast in the crockpot (smells good!), cleaned the kitchen, folded a load of laundry, did 2 loads of laundry, swept, dusted.... and my candles have been burning since around 8:15am. So, I took a break and sat my butt down to share the pictures from our weekend and I've been sitting down ever since. So once I share these, I'm off to finsih up more stuff. HAVE TO... just for my own peace of mind.

Our weekend was really nice. D, the girls and I, along with D's dad and sister all went to Cinni, OH to the "Creation Museum" which was awesome!!!!... We did a TON of walking which was great, but we were all pooped by the end of the day! :) We stayed the night at a new Homewood Suites so the girls could enjoy swimming, they had a really nice time! Aspen was off at "Great Wolf Lodge" (big waterpark hotel), and the older 2 were in TN, so since Sis and Addi were left behind, we wanted to make sure they had an oppourtinity to do something over Spring Break. Here are some pictures from our weekend:

We went out to eat friday night (Cracker Barrell, gotta love that carb-fest place! mmmmm....)... then the girls went swimming until 11pm. LOL... The next morning I talked D into going to Ikea since we were so close (about 30min. from where we were) so after we checked out the new hotel that's under construction that D and his company just picked up the management contract on, we headed over to Ikea. ON THE WAY THERE though, it was crazy! We were at the stop light and D looked back in his rear view mirror and screamed "OMG!"... then I heard "BAM!"... 2 cars behind us, a lady in a van cut the corner too close, ran into another car and then FLIPPED her van. It was completely on its side.

D did a U-turn, parked the car in an office building and ran over to the van to help. He was the first one there... then other people started helping. I called 911, he kept asking me if anyone was hurt... all I could see was the van filling up wtih smoke and the windows not being rolled down I was so scared and praying so hard that they were okay. I kept thinking that there were children in there .... FINALLY the fire department (3 of them) showed up and not ONE of those fire fighters were talking to the lady, reassuring her that she was goin to be okay, etc. D was doing all of that.... she finally got the window rolled down- D said that he pushed the air bag out of her face and took some glass out of her hand ... apparently it was just her- there was a car seat in the back but no child. She spoke chinese and had broken english, but they kept asking her if she's sure there is no child in the car and she kept saying no. It was SOMETHING..... def. something that you don't see every day. She was okay, really shaken up, had glass cuts on her, etc. but overall, I think she was okay. She was wearing her seatbealt (thank God!) and her air bag went off.

After that long and scarey delay.. we headed off to Ikea. The place was a MAD HOUSE but OH SO YUMMY!!!! D kept saying I was in sensory overload... and well, he was RIGHT! If you've never been in an Ikea, you SO must go! The one in OH is the closet one to us and I've been itching to go for a few years now. D was spastic and ready to go after the first 30min. Crowds freak him out and well, so does shopping. He is NOT one you can take when you just want to "look" more than anything. Oh, no! We had fun though :) I found SOOO many things that I want to get (great.. lol). The prices were SO reasonable. I even found a HUGE rug for our great room for like $200,unheard of! I also found my expedit system (oooh, yea baby!!!) and also a cool system to go in Courtney's room. I also found lots of free standing shelves for my craft room and for our great room. LOTS of great ideas. D and I left there with a new vision for our loft... we never use that room and they had a room set up TOTALLY kid-friendly that would be *perfect& for up there. Since our loft is off of our balcony, it doesn't really get used much because the noise factor. HOWEVER, we're going to make it into a kids den/hang out place thanks to Ikea. All in, it won't be that much at all. BUT.. one thing at a time. :) Big dreams, big dreams.... LOL. We left there with a few things for my scrapbook/craft room (little spice-like jars for my embellishments and a few larger jars). When we left.. about 1.5-2hrs. later, D's nerves were shot and he was walking a million hours a min. (does that make sense? lol)... he was shaking his head saying, "ALL OF THAT and we are just leaving with these puney little jars!".. lol. It was so funny! I told him that I am saving my BIG shopping trip with "the girls". A few of my friends from a parenting board that I've known forEVER, we are all hooking up and making a day out of it! :) Can't WAIT.. actual WOMAN that will enjoy the fine art of shopping. LOL.... Here's a shot of Ikea driving in... D thought I was a freak for taking a picture, but that shoudln't surprise you! :)

I have lunchroom duty on Thusday at the school, then at 1:30 I'll be helping hide Easter Eggs for Addi's class at Seneca park (right across the street from the school). Sissy is having an Easter Egg hunt also, so I'm hoping I can swing both! I have to run out today and get all the eggs and candy. I'm hoping to knock out Easter gifts while I'm out, but.. .we'll see how that goes.

I've been on my computer non-stop trying to find ANY stories out there similar to what my cousin is going through that we think is linked to Gardisil. I was up until after midnight and I tell you, the things that I have read/found is SO scarey and alarming! I will sharing A LOT of what I have learned soon... I want EVERYONE out there to be informed as much as possible, so that way, in turn.. YOU can inform others to prevent the same things happening that are happening to my Cousin and to all the other girls out there. My heart has been breaking for my family, and I just want to help in any way that I can. I just want her BETTER!!!!....and SHE WILL get better!!!!!... I know it! Doors are starting to open up and I think this is GOOD. They are hoping to get her into Mayo Clinic ASAP (paperwork is submitted!) so hopefully this is the last place they have to look for help in diagnosing her so they can REVERSE what is happening. Please keep Steffannee and my Aunt/Uncle in your prayers... you know that I beleive in the power of prayer so the more people we have praying, the better! For those of you who want to keep up with Steff and see how things are going, my Aunt has a blog (she's a little sassy like me.. I say "little", I think she's where I get my sassyness FROM.. lol)... you can READ HER BLOG HERE

On another note... Chelcey turns 16 on SUNDAY! (Yes, sweet 16 on Easter!!! our POOR bank account *yikes!*). I'm still baffled that my little girl is getting so old! Man, it's making ME feel old! She's having a "get together" with about 9 of her girlfriends next Saturday to celebrate. They are going to eat at Tumbleweed on the riverfront and then hang out at Incredible Daves for the night! She's excited. I have no idea what to get her for her bday. We're not doing the car thing until she can actually drive by herself... 16.5, and she's totally down with that. No use to getting a car that will sit out in the driveway for 6 months, ya know? She wanted this super cute Guess purse, and that was on my plan to get her but she ended up finding it like 40% off in TN and snatched it! So.. back to square one for me. CLUELESS.. so not only do I have to come up with ideas for her birthday gifts, but also for Easter. Man, to have a lot of kids.....

OH, Chelcey's friend told her about this website that sells designer purses for CHEAP. I think we're going to order a few... Check out the prices dude. I'm ALL over it :)

What else is shaking? I have the girls Easter Dresses.. just have to find one for Courtney and I, and we're good to go! I am noticing that this whole SPOTS and polka dot thing I have going on is getting out on control! Everything that I have been buying the girls have large MOD circles or polka dots..... to funny!

Ok, it's 12:30 and I only have 2 hours to get everything done that needs to get done. I'm on a mission. Tonight is our last night to work on Aspens Science Fair project which is on Thursday. Don't even ask how it's going... we are doing her project on how pennies change in different liquids. We tested pepsi, red bull, big red, and mt. dew. As each day passed, nothing was happening. COME TO FIND OUT, only pennies before 1980 are made with cooper, therefore.. the only ones that will change. Sweet. So.. we had to start over. Doubt if it really works to be honest with you, but we *did* find a cool expeirement that involved vinegar & salt which changes the pennies.. esp. if you don't rinse them off. SO.. we're doing a mixture of a few... we'll see how it goes :) Ok, I'm gone! Now it's REALLY snowing outside. Sweet.. I'm in my favorite sweatshirt today since it's so cold.... I'm So going to miss sweatshirts when it STAYS warm. I won't miss the COLD, but awh.. when you're bloated (like me TODAY.. lol), it's always nice to be able to wear something comfy that hides it! LOL...


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