Saturday, April 11, 2009


:) I'm babysitting baby Drew this morning, a baby of a friend at church, and he is soooo cute! :) He's 6mo. old and just the best baby ever!!!! He got here at 6:15am (yawn!). I thought I would never make it (lol).. but he was asleep when she got here and he woke up at 8:30am. He's playing with the girls right now :) Just talking, laughing away....

Here he is with Courtney holding him. She didn't want her picture snapped until she "fixed her hair". Man, doesn't sound like Courtney at all does it? The girl has been doing/saying some weird things lately... could she be *growing up?*.. gulp..

Tummy time :)

Savannah took this picture :)

I was needing a "baby fix" and I think this is going to do it :) We have him until 4:30pm, then it's off to find Courtney an Easter dress for tommorow. Everyone has one now except for herm so.. I'm hoping we find one. Shopping is NOT her thing.

I dont' know how Steffany does it though. She has 3 little ones... Drew is 6mo, Oliva is almost 2 (they are 15mo. a part), and the oldest is 6. She's an x-ray Tech and her husband is a nurse, and between both of their schedules, I don't know how they juggle it all. I don't know how on earth she does it. She's at church 3x a week....... she's just super woman, I swear!!!!! I really admire her for all that she does... the woman doesn't STOP.

Anyways... watching her juggle it all sure makes me sit back, take it all in, and be thankful that I'm where I am. I struggled with going back to work, but *know* that our family did the right thing in waiting for that. Pure craziness... it's funny how God sometimes makes you sit back, observe, and then realize how blessed & happy you are... just where you are.

I went Easter Shopping before Church last night... running around in the rain, that was fun. I took Chelcey with me :) We got the majority of it knocked out, minus a few things so today is the day. I still need to go shopping for Chelcey's bday.. I'm thinking maybe a new bedspread and curtains- room stuff. I don't know though. She *did* find her car though... she's begging D for it. It's SUPER cute- looks brand new on the outside (they really kept up with it)- it's a Mitshi Exclipe- white, tinted windows, sunroof... SUPER cute. We can even get it for about $2,000 UNDER D's price range for her, the problem? LOTS of miles.. LOTS. He thinks it's a bad idea and was totally opposed to it until we drove to the dealership after church last night to show it to him. It really looks brand new, so... we're going to test drive it this week, take it to a mechanic- see if there are any problems and then make a decision. Chelc is bouncing off the walls though- she wants this car *so bad* (remember those days? I sure do.. who CARES how many miles it has on it, it's CUTE.. as teenage girls, it's ALL about the way a car LOOKS... LOL) :) So, I hope it turns out to be a good car.. PERFECT first car. So, I'll keep ya posted. We were going to wait until she was 16.5 when she can actually drive it (she has to have her permit for 6mo. before the state allows them to drive with one person (restricted) and then when she's 17 she gets her "real lincese". BUT.. this car is VERY affordable, VERY cute, and it's her "dream car" as she says :) Plus, I can *totally* see her in this car.. so, I hope it pulls through. We'll see... :)

Ok, need to scram! Have a great day!

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