Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chip Ingram Sermon..

Remember the post I shared last week about the Sermon that D and I listened to on Chip Ingrams website, Living on the Edge, about knowing when your under attack from the enemy? How he shared all the things that kept going wrong? When I posted that day, I shared about our tub overflowing and it ruining our paint/drywall in the basement, and how our lawn guy cut our phone lines? That was nothing. All in ONE week, everything below started to happen. IRONICALLY, THE VERY SAME DAY that we heard the sermon *everything* started happening one right after another around here. Call it Coincidence if you'd like, I beg to differ.

Here's a taste of what has happened:
- Our new lawnman ran over our phone lines outside, cutting all phone lines to our house. We had no phone for about 5 days. Finally had the Insight guy come out yesterday to fix it.

- Our big tub in our master bedroom overflowed, causing the entire guest bedroom and front entryway in the living room (downstairs) to POUR water. Water was just POURING from our ceiling fan. Ripped off the paint, tore up the drywall, and the carpet was SOAKED. we had to move the matresses off, it was a MESS.

- We have this new workout equippment downstairs that D got a sweet deal on from one of the hotels. It's still "in progress" being put together. Savannah & Addi were playing on a peice and BAM!!!!... A piece FELL into the wall and tore a BIG HOLE in our drywall in the basement.

- Our big screen TV was apparently struck by lightening. It hasn't worked since the lightening storm. The phone guy (who works for Insight, also our cable and internet company) looked at it for 10min. and said "Looks like your TV was struck by lightening!". GREAT!!!.....

- Our high speed internet didn't work for 2 days (until yesterday). I was on the phone with the support desk (got in a fude with him- SUCH a jerk!), and he said it wasn't their fault, it was being caused by our Linkys router. Thankfully, that is now fixed. We had to plug directly into the router for it to work.. BIG pain because of where our cords are.

- TONS of bricks hit this week with the hotel in Orland, that D and his company manages. The project was WAAAAY over-budget when they built it, but the owner insisted on still proceeding. The hotel was slammed with about 4 law suits this week and the bank President wants to sit down with all of them (including D) ASAP. *HARD* week for D, becuase ultimatly it lays on his shoulders even though it's the owners investment.

- I always know when emotionally I'm under attack because of the conflicts between D and I- always the same thing and the enemy *always* knows how to push my buttons on certain issues that we've had in our relationship. I know reconginze what's going on, but it doesn't make it any easier to deal with. We've had a few "off" days this week, nothing major- same issues, but it's just funny how everything has been great and then BOOM.... why would the feelings/emotions resurface all of a sudden when we've been doing great? Sure, it's going to happen... but come on, ya know? It's the head games and the doubt that is planted--- and that's not from God.

I will take pictures of the damage this afternoon after I get back from working out. Funny thing is, nothing above really phased D and I. It's just a house. It's just "things"... nothing that can't be fixed or replaced, ya know? ANYWAYS... :) Just wanted to share.

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