Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Where to begin?

TOOO much going on over this way, and I just need to get better at time management. I feel like my whole day is almost gone, darnit!

I cleaned a little bit today, let me stress *little*. House isn't TOOOO bad, so I'm not going to worry about it. I hit it pretty hard yesterday, so once I do the few dishes in the sink I think I would feel better. Maybe squirt down the bathroom counter so at least it has that "clean smell" (smile) then call it a day in that area. We'll see.....

Getting ebay stuff together to get mail out.... slacked on this all week and hitting myself that I forgot about a few things *rah-roh". Me and that memory, I tell ya....

I was hoping to get my nails done before I had to pick up the girls (they are HORRIBLE and I'll be working with my hands *a lot* at school tomorrow, just makes me feel better when I get them done, KWIM?).. but, don't think it's going to happen. Maybe.... can't really justify spending $ on it right now between Easter and Chelcey's bday, but.... it makes me feel good and you can't put a price tag on that :) Besides, I'll off-set the cost by posting some stuff up on ebay.. saves me from the guilt factor (lol).

We have a busy afternoon with homework, finishing up Aspens science fair project (which is STILL not working . ugh), then dinner, church, want to tan tonight and maybe stop by Wal-Mart to pick up Easter stuff. I hit the dollar tree last night for the school Easter egg stuff :) so, I didn't get any of the girls Easter stuff. AND, since tomorrow is a full day with school lunch room duty, hiding eggs for the kindergartens, the Science Fair (Aspen)... it's going to be a packed day. They are off school on Good Friday, so I won't be able to get the stuff then either.

I think I'm supposed to baby-sit baby Drew (6mo old) (friend from church) on Saturday.. like 7am-5pm (yes, 7am.. will I be able to stand getting up that early on a Sat? Um, prob not... lol)... so if that's the case, my Saturday can't be used to get it all done. I'm still clueless on Chelcey for her Bday *and* for Easter.. no one is giving me any ideas which stinks!

Stayed up until almost 1:45am last night researching Gardasil and vaccines... man, my mind is on overload. I went to bed, woke up D and shared all that I learned for about an hour he was asleep when I got in there (smile), but he was beside himself the things that I learned, bless him for listening to me. It's amazing the corruption and control that these Pharma companies take part in with the CDC and FDA for MONEY! And you people thought WALL STREET was bad, you have NO idea! I'll share what I learned soon.... it will honestly blow your minds that we trust the system (FDA, CDC) with our health and safety, let alone our children. Wait until you read what I learned about autism and alzheimer's. MAKES PERFECT SENSE. It's amazing how we didn't have an epidemic of alzheimer's until not too long ago. Here's some food for thought: The FDA approved the first vaccine for children that carried mercury (thermasal) (which is known to harm your neurological system) back in the 1930's. Do that math: It seems like older people are more prone to alzheimer’s now more than ever.... hmmmm.. Could these be the same adults that were given the MMR shot containing the mercury that causes damage to your neurological system? MAKES SENSE!!!!... Sorry for my spelling, when I sit down and share all that I have learned, I promise to spell check so I make more sense... its IMPORTANT STUFF, let me tell you!!!... ALSO.. There was a COVER UP BY the FDA and CDC regarding the studies PROVING that the MMR vaccine was causing autism in children. READ THIS ARTICLE YOU WILL BE AMAZED at the things that happen behind closed doors. Isn't it strange how a normal, healthy child can be given their vaccines and never be the same again? It's happened MORE often that the media or the CDC will let on. PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH if you have a child (infant OR teenager) before trusting what our system is selling us! It's been proven that Gardasil is too new to know if there will be long term effects on these girls, let alone those that are suffering the adverse reactions now. It is a LIVE CANCER VIRUS; they [Merck] in a closed statement even revealed they do not know if it will cause cancer. It is not to PREVENT cervical cancer, there are over 100 strains of HPV, Gardasil only prevents you from getting *2* of those 100+ types that cause cancer [types 16 and 18], and 2 [types 6 and 11] that don't cause CANCER, but cause genital warts. There are only 4,000 deaths associated with Cervical Cancer per year. THIS IS NOT ENOUGH to be pushing a vaccine that is TOO NEW on the market to young girls, as young as 10 years old, for something we don't even know the effectiveness, let alone the long term effects it could cause. The vaccine has been proven to cause spontaneous abortions in those that are pregnant (known or not known).. WHAT DOES THAT SAY? Imagine it harming the fertility of MILLIONS of little girls because of one vaccine that prevents *2* strains of HPV out of over 100. The stories I've read are heartbreaking, just like with Steff.... some have been fatal, some life-changing, some have even caused an OUTBREAK *of* gential warts.. Little girls as young as 11 have had this as a side effect from the girasol vaccine. So PLEASE, PLEASE do your research. I will add a TON of links soon to make it easy on you. If you don't have a daughter, please *please* still take the time to educate yourself so you can help with the awareness. THIS HAS TO BE STOPPED.

I could go on.. and on.. and on. I am planning on writing an article with a compilation of all the information that I have obtained to help build awareness. It is SOOOO IMPORTANT!!! We trust our drs. and we trust the CDC and FDA with our safety, once you read what I have found- you will think twice, trust me!

Before I go, please educate yourself on the flu vaccine as well. This vaccine has thermasol in it which is a heavy toxin metal that can cause neurological problems. We expose ourselves to heavy toxin metals through everyday living and our body can only process so much. If our bodies are in access of this, it could cause long term problems. I am BAFFLED that they recommend INFANTS to get this vaccine, coupled with all the other "cocktail" vaccines... IT IS DANGEROUS and people need to be EDUCATED BEFORE they make the decision for themselves or their children.. PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH. I am not telling anyone what to do with your own children or your own body, but I am praying that each of you will take SOMETHING from all of this that is happening to my cousin... PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH.

The same company that distributes Gardasil is KNOWN for its scandals in other vaccines. WHY this company is still allowed to administer vaccines to our public, let alone our CHILDREN is beyond words. They KNEW that the drug Vioxx was *causing* people to have heart attacks and dieing, yet they tried to COVER IT UP, distortion at its finest. *WHY* are they allowing this company to still operate after KNOWING what they have done FOR MONEY????.. I have been FUMMING over this and feel that I need to do my part, to help be the voice for these little girls, by sharing it with anyone that will listen. READ ABOUT THE VIOXX SETTLEMENT HERE, and also THIS ONEwhich shows they [Merek] were fully aware of the problems that the Vioxx drug was causing. UNREAL!!! Here is another article stating that the lawsuit ended up being over 4.85 BILLION!!!! READ ABOUT IT HERE. You mean to tell me that they are *allowing* this company to continue to harm and kill the public? After the cover ups with the paper trail, having the FDA "rework" the verbiage in the testing data for the public... I AM BESIDE MYSELF! You reap what you sow, and I'm telling you... these people are going to HELL!

I could go on and on.. and expect me too.

I'm off to go pick up my girls from school.... sorry to get off on a tangent, you should try to have a conversation with me right now- you won't be able to shut me up! WE NEED TO HELP BY SPREADING THE AWARENESS to *any* Mom or teenager that you know to prevent *ONE LESS* having their life altered by a vaccine that has *no business* being on the market.. our girls are being used as Guinea pigs, and that's the honest to God truth!

I'm gone. Trying to eat a few bites of my salad that's been sitting here (lol)... Busy night tonight with homework, projects, church, etc.... SEE YA THEN!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a mum from New Zealand who has researched Gardasil in depth. I was so concerned I've set up a website with all the information I've found
I initially wrote a letter to our local paper and boy did the big guns from our Ministry of Health reply and try to shoot me down. That inspired me to dig even further. In a Radio NZ interview with Dr Diane Harper, who headed the clinical trials for Gardasil and who now has major misgivings about it, and our Ministry of Health head, Dr Harper asks our government not to go ahead with the Gardasil vaccination programme. But our Ministry of Health told Dr Harper they would continue as planned. Something is very wrong when our government does not heed the advice of the one person who is "truly qualified" on this HPV Vaccine.
To be honest I feel this vaccine has nothing to do with our daughters health and everything to do with a world wide covert sterilisation programme oh and of course money. Keep up the great work "mom of five girls"

Robin said...
This is a very good link to the side effects of Gardasil that I have not EVER read. I totally agree with you on Merck. They need to recognize the problem, then address it with all these sick girls!