Thursday, April 9, 2009

*deep breath*..yawn..*deep breath*

THAT (@*#*&#$#&$^ [stupid] to put it lightly Science Fair project kicked our butt! HARD. Aspen was up WAY too late last night, she kept crying this morning because she was so tired. She crashed around 11pm (bad, bad Mom.. I know)... and D and I finished it up until 1:30am.

Her little eyes kept itching last night so her whole face looks red here, but... here we are in the midst of the thing! I was in charge of typing out everything & D and Aspen colored the title.

Next year if the experiment doesn't work, we are moving on to something else! This one was a PAIN. Poor Aspen, they had baths this morning because we had so much to do last night and didn't get home from church until 9:30pm. I kept telling D I thought it was best if we didn't go.... but he was adamant, so.. we went and we paid for it by having to stay up really late. I'll be at the school this afternoon.. I have lunch room duty at 10:45-1pm, then both Savannah & Addi have Easter Egg Hunts and Aspen's Science Fair is at the same time. I'm going to have to allocate 10min. to each one I guess.... oh well; at least I'll be there. Running around like a chicken who lost its head, but I'll be there and that's all that matters. I'll share pictures tonight.

Ironically, D and I watched a great sermon online yesterday morning from Chip Ingram-
LIVING ON THE EDGE and he was sharing an experience one time about how EVERYTHING that could go wrong, kept going wrong. He was doing a sermon (same one) about how the enemy attacks our lives to cause turmoil, yet he couldn't figure out why everything that was happening to him all in one day kept happening. [Brain fart if you will]. :) He kept saying how like 3 appliances went out at once, car broke down... etc. etc. He then finally put the pieces together and knew it was an attack from the enemy. YESTERDAY afternoon our new lawman started. He's a retired fellow that lives across our street and is looking for extra money. We needed a lawn man, D *isn't* that man, and if I can pay someone to do it & help them at the same time, I'm all in! :) ANYWAYS, 'ole Eddie boy (his name) knocked on my door about 15min. into mowing the yard and told me he accidentally cut my phone lines with the weed eater. Not a big deal, sure.. our phones don't work, but I'll call Insight out to replace it. We rarely use our house phone anyways. We had a ton of stuff going on last night, church lasted longer because after bible study, D was helping plant the new trees so we didn't get home until after 9:30pm. It's always chaos trying to get the girls settled down from church, esp. that late, and we still had a ton of stuff to get done. I started the bath water for the girls and came into the kitchen with the Science Fair Project. The water kept running, but usually Savannah will turn it off. Courtney was in and out of there, too... so I assumed they had it. It's the norm with us; they always turn off the water. Well, not *always*... remember about 6mo. ago when our tub overflowed (same story......) and it POURED down into our basement? Um, yeah.. same deal last night. Courtney walked in and screamed "NO ONE TURNED OFF THE WATER!".. and in our guest bedroom downstairs, water was just POURING from the ceiling fan. Our paint/drywall is all messed up again, we had to pull off the mattresses, lay plastic down everywhere... it was a MESS!!!!!...... After all the chaos D said, "Kind of sounds like Chip Ingram this morning!".. had to laugh, because so very true! When it rains, it pours....

D just called, I guess Aspen forgot her backpack (great....) Chewie (her stuffed dog that goes *everywhere* with her) was in there and she had a complete meltdown. POOR THING... I'll take it to her at 10:30am anyways when I have to be there, but he's such a security thing for her. Ugh....

Ok, need to get in the shower. D is freaking out, thinking that she's not prepared for the science fair but she is. He's over-reacting. Last night, he was being SO anal about the project it was unreal. I kept REMINDING him, it's a 2nd grade PROJECT.. not a high school project, relax.. they aren't expecting the kids to be science guru's and use big words. Sometimes I think he forgets..... anyways.

I'm off.... see ya later!

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