Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"I'm Bringin' Sexy Back"... yeeeep!

With all the seriousness and steam I let out below, I thought I would lighten the mood and share a funky shot of my cat.

Is he hot, or what? :)


Robin said...

I LOVE the pix of this cat! He makes me smile. But wait.... isn't HIS name SADIE??

chrystal said...

I think my family is sick of me and this cat. :) Everytime I catch him in a crazy sleeping position (which mind you, is every day.. lol)- I make EVERYONE come in and look at him. I think they are so over it, but he still entertains *me*, so.. what can ya do? :) And YES, sadie is *his* name... we thought he was a "she" for a long time... the cat is paying for it now. He has cats in the neighborhood that try to beat him up all the time.. I wonder if they tease him, too? :)