Friday, April 10, 2009

Gardasil Clinical Trial Errors & Information

VERY good coverage on Gardasil vaccine.. PLEASE take the time to listen/watch it so you can educate other Moms and have the information to protect all the other girls that are considering this horrible, life-changing vaccine.

Part 1: (4 minutes)

Part 2: (4 minutes)

ALSO.. HERE IS SOMETHING INTERESTING.. there is an over 400pg. doc. from Merck. A researcher found A LOT of problems with their testing... READ WHAT SHE HAS FOUND.. *INTERESTING STUFF!!!*.... I'm not asking you to pour over the 400pg document, her findings are on her website with a link to the .doc, so just wanted to give you that heads up. :) Check it out.....Gardasil Clinical Trials -- Placebo

Just so you know who Merck is, and I shared this the other day, they are the makers behind VIOXX, the drug that they *knew* were causing deaths. Check this out... proof that they KNEW of the side effects, yet they kept on pushing the drug (you can thank the FDA for their partnership)- good thing we *trust* the FDA with the Public's saftey, right? .MERCK SCANDAL COVER UP

Found an informative blog... check it out here" The blogger puts it into perspective: " would have to vaccinate one million girls to prevent cervical cancer in 4 to 5 girls."

I had lunch room duty at school yesterday and I was thankful that I had the opportunity to speak with a few teachers that I know who have daughters in Courtney's grade. 2 were considering the vaccine, and after I told them what I know they have now decided against it! THAT IS HUGE!!! By simply sharing the information that have found, potentially I helped prevent 2 LESS GIRLS in getting harmed by this vaccine. I will be sending out a fact sheet that I am compiling to send via email to as many people as I know, moms of girls or not. THE PUBLIC NEEDS TO BE AWARE in order to PREVENT any more girls being harmed! Education is power, and it's SO IMPORTANT that you share this information guys, I can not stress that enough. I have never in my life felt so prompted to help.. and the more people sharing what is happening, the more girls we can reach to PROTECT THEM. It's an individual decision for the Moms to give these vaccines to their daughters, but if they are ARMED with BOTH sides of the information 1) the info. that the media and dr. office gives them (who don't even KNOW of the long term effects because it's so new or 2) The ACTUAL stories of harm that this vaccine causes from Gardasil Victims, like my cousin. If you were a Mom and you saw the information first hand, who would you believe? We NEED to build the awareness.

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