Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Funny Pictures from Sunday

Here are some pictures from Sunday... love the ninja shots of Addi.. classic!!!!
Courtney and I were cracking up *so* hard. :) Addi use to be so darn quite, and now she is the biggest ham ever! She's sassy, which I never expected. But mind you, she has the BEST little manners EVER. I just love her! She'll ask for something and always say "please". And when I give it to her, she will always- always, say "Thank you, mama!".. :) It melts my heart. She NEVER lies and will always be the first one to step up to the plate and be honest about something. She is so good that way and I love it. Then, you have her double-trouble sister, Savannah. She will always say "hey, get me a glass of juice!".. or "I need this!"... I have to constantly get on to her about manners and respect. These two things are hard for Sis. Sometimes, not always... sometimes she will surprise me. :) And lieing is something that Savannah excels at, which I LOATHE. I always tell her how God looks down upon those who lie and will always repeat one of ther bible verses, "God detests lying lips, but delights in men that are truthful!" She will lie on top of a lie and will try to get her way out of it. Addi is my easy child who is very predictable and I don't ever had to worry about her not being honest. One time, I don't remember what happened, but the 3 of them were all in their room, someone had done something and I went up there and got onto them and asked who did it. Addi put her head down and raised her hand. *ah*. Do you see what I mean? She has SUCH a good heart and knows right from wrong. Savannah? ..... we got a LOOOONG way to go! *insert shaking her, but with a smile HERE!* :)

Enjoy the pictures.. my girls crack me up and though they drive me crazy some days, most of the time they keep a smile on my face and they just add more humor in my life than I ever could imagine! :)

Addi :)

and.. here's where their personalities start to show :) You HAVE to click on the picture to get a larger view of this one. Addi's lips and face just CRACK me up here!

Ninja Girl.. :)

She looks like a fraggle from "Fraggel Rock" back in the 80's :)

Don't you think? :) This was Wembly, MAN how I loved that show!!!!!


DOUBLE trouble! :) Sis and Addi are the bestest buds ever. They are adjoined to each others hips and are just best little friends. Sis is a control freak and causes a lot of fights (ugh-hem!), but overall :) they tend to play really well with one another. Aspen just hangs with Courtney and friends in the neighborhood.. I think she thinks she's too cool or something (lol).

My hippie child (lol)...

"I like big butts and I cannot lie....." :)

Courtney who didn't want her picture taken :) AND, who needs to pull up her darn tank top in this picture. I ASSURE you that this girl is modest and woudln't be caught dead in public like this.

Bubble :)

Savannah tormenting the cat, what she does best.......

Remember the other day when I posted about running out of T.P? Um, yeah... this is D doing what he does best:.. Heading to the bathroom, talking on the cell phone. :) LOL.. It's a good thing he's a good sport and just rolls with it. I mean really, who else would allow me to plasture this picture on the internet? :) LOL... He's lookin' quite slim though, isn't he? :)

and.. here's a nice shot of the sky Sunday evening. BEAUTIFUL....

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