Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What? *I* was right and *you* were wrong? AC Story.

So starting on Friday it got really hot, hot enough to turn in the AC. Well, the AC fan wasn't blowing. D went outside and it was all frozen up. He was VERY admiment that we had a leak that causes the freeon to leak out. Every summer since we've owned this house our AC stops working. We call out an AC guy. So, we're use to it. LAST SUMMER, aside from the guy telling us that our unit is too small for our house, but the problem as to why our AC wasn't working? The filter! The filter needed to be changed and it had gotten sucked up in the fan. SO.. take THAT expierence, and stay with me.

We argued back and forth about what was wrong with the darn thing. He REFUSED to buy into the whole "filter" idea and was really making me mad about it. I kept saying, "Lets just BUY ONE, CHANGE IT OUT, AND THEN decide if we need to call someone out!". Pretty basic idea really. Well, this went on all weekend. Poor Aspen's allgeries were killing her, we had to sleep with the windows opened and even then it was fumming inside. Saturday afternoon I picked Aspen up from Allie's house and was talking to Tracy & David (her parents). I told them how our AC wasn't working and David said "This might seem weird, but check your filter! We had to call a guy out last year and come to find out, it was just a $4 fix!". I chucked to myself and said, "That's a good idea, I'll do that when I get home!". I naturally, relayed the suggestion to D when I got home who in TURN, got mad at me for beleiving someone else what might be the problem. I went on to explain "REMEMBER *last year* when the same thing happened? IT WAS OUR FILTER!"... I'll be honest, I've never changed out the filter in this house. D has. I didn't even KNOW how to get to the stinking filter until Sunday evening. THUS THE REASON why I didn't just run my happy butt downstairs and do it myself (lol). NOW that I have been SHOWN (ugh-hem!) I will glaldy take on this responsibility. At least now I know that it will get done (lol).

ANYWAYS.. Sunday evening D and I went on the BEST bike ride ever. We were laying on the bed just talking about an hour after we got home and started talking about the stupid AC again. (bad topic to talk about in this house, apparently!). He said he was calling a guy out for Monday morning & how he woudln't be here to talk to him because he had a meeting in OH. I said "Can we PLEASE just check the filter? That's it... humor me, check the darn filter and THEN we can spend the $100 to call someone out!". He GETS up, all mad... stomping around telling me to come down with him so he can PROVE it to me. So, happy pants that I am, went along with him. He kept turning the stinking fan button off and on, off and on, off an on. THAT made me mad. "LET'S BREAK the thing why don't we!?".. I mean seriously, I sometimes have to question the boys "problem solving" abilites. No, that's not a bag on him.. he has strengths in OTHER areas, one not being: Fixing things around the house. I am not bagging on him, because I personally stink at it, too. HOWEVER, I am learning so I can be SELF effiecent (something that you have to be if you live with D..ugh-hem! :)). SO, small little sqabble happened, I told him to just pull the stupid filter out, and he YANKED the AC plate cover off, and "tried" to pull out the filter. TRIED being the opperative word here. The thing was STUCK. WHY was it stuck, you ask? Oh gee, could it have gotten SUCKED up in the fan- PREVENTING AIR CIRCULATION? Oh wait, was that the problem? D REFUSED to say that that was the problem. REFUSED. PEOPLE.. it was RIGHT THERE. So, we exchanged words... he started turning the darn fan switch on and off again about another two more times and I had to get away from there before I was going to straggle him with my bare hands. *deep breath in.. deep breath out*. That was my saving grace! :)

Next morning, as he was getting ready for his meeting in OH, I decided to TURN ON THE AC. He got mad. He called the AC guy who was suppose to call him back. As we were WAITING for AC dude to call us back, I did a little expirement for D as I was doing the dishes. Yes, I still hand wash dishes because I still don't have a dishwasher. Which, actually worked to my benefit this day.

I said, "Pay attention". Which, he did. I put the plug in the drain and turned on the sink. I said, "Do you see what is happening? There is something CLOGGING the drain, therefore... no water can excape. NOW watch: I then proceeded to un-plug the drain... Do you hear that? I said with a smile. That is the water draining from the drain.. I un-PLUGGED it!" I said, JUST LIKE THE CLOG WITH THE FILTER, the same thing will happen. He laughed and said that was NOT the problem but if the AC guy says it is, he will personally pay me $1 million dollars. I mean sure, if he were rich and *had* 1 million dollars, then it would be a good day. But, the fact of the matter is... he doesn't, so what kind of bet if that anyways?
I went over to the AC vent and what's this, I feel? Oh wait, is that AIR?? Is that COLD AIR??? Oh wait, it IS, isn't it?.. I made him come and feel. He said it was just the fan blowing, that it wasn't fixed. (yeah, this guy is for real, I assure you!). He decided to hold off on the AC guy. He called back and D let it go into voice mail. I told him that he should call me from the road and I'll tell him how nice and cool our house is. He cracked up, and said he would. The temp. on our digital AC unit said 77 degrees. I shut all the windows and PRAYED that it would be COLDER THAN COLD before he got home that afternoon.

He called around 1pm, it was 76 degrees. He still wasn't sold. Not a big deal, I knew that it was colder (I had GOOSE bumps, honestly!!!!).. and I swore that it was fixed. He, naturally, being the "I know it all and refuse to value anyone else's opinion".. disagreed.

He was home before I was that afternoon. He got home around 4pm, I had to pick up all 5 girls from 3 different schools, then had to shoot across town to pick up Issiah from the mall (he got off of work) and needed a ride home all the way on Bardstown Road-far! BUT, when I got home.. guess who had a smile on his face talking about how COLD it was? :)

Yeah, I was right. I promised him I woudln't rub it in his face, but I did expect him from this point forward to at least LISTEN to what other poeple say, VALUE their opinion, and REALIZE that he doesn't ALWAYS have the answers. He agreed.

SO, verses throwing it in his face, I waned to share the story with all of you. :)
It was a good day. And, I saved us $100 from the AC guy *and* my house is nice and cozy!

Yeah, it was def. a good day...... :)

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