Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weds. Chatter....

Yesterday I went on Aspen's field trip to Gatti-Land. They had a fraction class there, and then we got to eat lunch. :) We had a really good time. Aspen had a table with her 3 bestest buds, and Beth went (friend of mine from school), so we all sat together. It's SO funny listening to these girls though.. Allie, one of Aspen's best friends, was talking about her sisters "ex-boyfriend" (she's in 4th grade) but how she's "moved on" from that boy to a short boy in her class. Oh my, the way she said it I thought I was going to die! :) "moved on".. where do they learn this stuff? :)

Afterwards, I stopped by Goodwill since I was out that way and havn't been to that one in awhile :) I found Aspen/Sis (they are the same size) a darling Church dress for $1.50 (score!), found D a shirt, and found a grey tee-shirt for me. Nothing too thrilling, but a deal is a deal! :) I was 10 minutes early picking up Chelcey, but traffic (car pool) was SO bad, that I waited in that darn parking lot for over 40min., which caused me to be late picking up the little ones. GRRR.. I wasn't a happy camper! But, what can ya do? Can't prevent traffic no matter how much you want to. The girls were happy anyways, they got to sit in at "after school care" with all their friends and didn't want to leave when I got there. LOL.... Courtney babysat for an hour while Chelcey and I worked out (I dropped her off at Fitness 19, then I worked out at Curves, then we Tanned, and picked up D to go to Sams & stocked up on some things. We *never* buy in bulk, now I'm wondering why the heck we've waited so long? As much as we spend at the store, we have decided to budget "X" amount per Sams or Costco each month and "X" amount at the regular grocery store. I think it's really going to cut down on our grocery bill. For example: I spend $4.99 on sweet & low, 100 packets. I go through this about every 2 weeks (I know, BAD.. but I *love* my tea!!!!) :) I got 1500 packets last night at Sams for $8.99. HELLO.. is that a good savings or what? I'm also a big "Nature Valley Granola Bar" junkie. I love the Oats & Honey bars. I spend $3.99 for 12 bars. Last night, I got 70 bars for $9.99. HELLO!! Another steal! I ususally spend $6-$7 on 2lbs of chicken. I got 8 HUGE breasts for $11.00. I snatched a few packages, let me tell you! The overall cost is greater because you're buying it upfront, but the MONTHLY savings is the awesome part! I was happy when I left because 1) We're going to save $ and 2) LESS trips to the store for me (I hope!). I still need to run to Kroger today to pick up some things (veggies, milk, etc. etc)- bit overall, I think this will work out SO much better.

D and I went on the best bike ride on Monday. We hit the trails again and talk about awesome! I wouldn't go down the gravel trail, so we went another way and it was great!!! :) We've been trying to take the girls on a bike ride at least 4-5 times a week, and then D and I will go solo on the trails.... we've been at it and it's SO MUCH FUN!! :) We are loving it!

Curves is working out really good for me, too! I love it!!! :) I look forward to it & I feel great afterwards. I went 4 days last week and will be going 4 days this week. Between the biking and working out, I hope to see some results in these chubbily legs in a few months. If not, there is no hope. LOL... and well, I'll just have to deal with it, I guess. :) Sucks, but.. what can ya do? :) lol j/k.. I'm determined-- I'm having a blast and that's what matters.

This weekend is KY Derby. man, this town gets crazy at this time of year! We have never went to Derby because D and I are both anti-crowds. BUT, we watch it on TV and I think we may BBQ. Chris & Summer invited us over (along with the kiddos) for a Derby Party & BBQ on Saturday, but not sure what we're going to do.

We have church tonight, so I need to get my running around done. I need to head out to Wal-mart and pick up some herb seeds to plant in planters on my back deck. Thought I'd give it a go this year... plus, I want to get some corn seeds & maybe a few other things to plant. I'm excited about this garden thing :) Can't ya tell?

Ok.. have a great day and I'll see ya later!

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