Thursday, April 23, 2009

Picture taking + Driving = Crazy Looks!

So yesterday, on my way to pick up the girlies from school, I thought it would be fun to take my camera along for the ride and take some random pictures to share with all of you. I know, I know... always thinking of others, what can I say? :) Here are a few random shots taken on my way to get Chelcey. Sure, I got a few crazy "What the heck are you doing?" looks along the way because hey, it's not every day that you see someone driving with a camera being held outside their window snapping random pictures. Hey, relax.. I've learned that I'm not only a multi-tasker, but a good one at that! I was able to drive, snap photos, and still keep my eyes planted straight ahead on the road. Sure, not all my pictures came out, but hey.. what do you expect? Perfection? Wow, tough crowd!! :) And just for the record, if you click on the picture you can see a larger view of it. Just thought I'd throw that out there :)

So, here's that totally adorable "just-gotta-go-in-and-droll" boutique called "Chick-a-dees" that I was telling you guys about a few months back. This little store is just darling. It is SO frilly and girlie and just one of those stores that if you walk in, you are bound to come out grinning from ear to ear. They have SUCH an array of unique/girlie/pretty things.. and their decor is TDF. I wish I could hire them to come to my house and decorate... such style. They have this light post that is draped with pink, sheer fabric outside that really makes it pop. Unfortunately, this shot didn't capture it. :) Hey, I may be good but I'm not that good. What? Like you didn't know? :) Anyways... here it is. The cutest little store that you ever did see.

Two doors up you will find yet another boutique that just landed there a few months ago. I drive by this new store every day and I kid you not, I have wrote down the name of it no less than 5 times in hopes to come home, and check it out online to see what it's all about. I just love unique stores and this one def. looks like something that is just calling my name, "Ooh, CHHHRRRYYYSSSTTTTAAAAL... COME INNNNN!"... I know, I know... I simply *must* go check it out.

Down the road, about 2 miles you will find the most DARLING little cottage home EVER! This has to be my most favorite house that I have ever laid eyes on! Honest, I love it THAT MUCH! It is PRECIOUS to the core. If I only had two children, I would mosey my short butt on up to their front porch, knock on the door, and beg them to sell it to me. It's THAT charming! I stare at it every day... every day! If you saw the side of it, you would really see it's charm. I just love this home!

Right before you get to Chelcey's school, you will find a Photo Studio. Not just "a" photo gallery, but see.. there's something special about this one. The name of the studio is "Craig Paul Studios". I know that doesn't ring a bell to some of you, but it sure does with a few others :) Ya see, my grandfather's name was 'Paul Craig". So every single day, not a day missed, I look at this sign and it makes me smile. It reminds me of my grandfather every day and that, makes me happy! He was such a delightful man, oh the stories he could tell! Always grinning when he saw us grand-kids! I loved him.. and I miss him. So this little sign makes me smile because it makes me think of him. :) I will see him again someday....

Here's a close-up :) I wonder if "Craig Paul", the owner of the studio realizes that he makes someone smile every day when they pass his sign? :)

Now, we're at Chelcey's school. Here she is walking to the car. She cracked up when she got in, called me crazy, and then helped me take more pictures on the way to pick up the babies. LOL

She took one of herself in her new glasses. :) Apparently I was informed yesterday that half her friends think she looks like a naughty librarian with her glasses now... um, great.. just the look I want for my 16 year old daughter. ugh-hem!

Before we hopped on the interstate, we needed gas. And naturally when you have to stop to get gas, ya just HAVE to grab a redbull. oooh, yeah.. come to mama! Red bulls are mine and Chelcey's weaknesses... *yum*..*yum*.. and YUM!!!!

So, getting onto the interstate to pick up the little ones, I tried (um, tried being the operative word here) to take a picture of the new Fairfield Inn & Suites hotel that I was so "all about" landing a job at. Of course, God had other plans. And of course, my picture taking ability while getting on the interstate um, needs some help. Or, it should be avoided. I'm still trying to figure out which one. Missed the hotel completely (hey, I told you that my eyes were on the road!), but I *did* get a nice shot of the clouds :)

My view from yesterday... yes, so exciting I just *had* to share :)

I was lazy yesterday and had Chelcey walk up to get the girls from school. OK, I'll admit it.. I've been lazy a lot lately and she's been doing this 3x a week.. hey, like you wouldn't think of it. :)


Little Addi


And, Sis :)

Ok.. driving back home now. Before we get back on the interstate, we pass by LOTS of pretty trees. This is one of them.

This house has the most BEAUTIFUL tulips *ever*. Their front yard has more tulips than I have ever seen in one yard. They make me smile because I *love* flowers, that's why! Of course Chelcey was the one who snapped this photo.. and she missed the "mac daddy" side of the yard that has TONS of them, but.. she got the left side to share :) You can't really get the "real feel" of this yard, so.. maybe I'll see what I can do about that today :) LOL

OK, back on the interstate.... coming up on our exit.

This is the Fairfield Inn that *just opened* a few days ago:) Makes me kind of sad driving by it, but I know that it was in God's will and looking back at the last few months of us running around like crazy and never sitting still once the girls are home from school, I now know why God didn't open that door. And I thank Him because of it. It's like that song by Garth Brooks, "Unanswered Prayers". I get it.

Almost home... we live pretty close to the railroad tracks that I *despise*. Why is it that when you're running late that there always has to be a train? Sometimes, a DOUBLE train, and sometimes.... a double train DEAD STOPPED on the tracks for 15 minutes. Yeah, I like living by the tracks... really, can't you tell?!

Going OVER the tracks... almost home....

I took a picture of our subdivision sign, then I realized that's not a good idea to post on the internet. so... [imagine subdivision sign HERE!] :)

After an hour in the car, we're home!

and, here's Addi next to the mulch I laid last week :)

Aspen walking inside, can't wait to get a snack!

Addi walking towards the tree, can't wait to climb the sucker :) Sis is already there..."Come here Addi, come here!"

Another dazzling look at the mulch (exciting stuff, I KNOW!!!) :)

"YAWN! Is it 3:30pm already?".... Sadie sleeps all day, and the moment we get home- he wakes up and walks outside, most of the time stretching :)

Sis and Addi


"Let's go get a snack, Addi"...

Here's a self portrait of me from yesterday..

Wait, my bad... wrong pose. This one is much better...

A few random shots of Chelc without her glasses..

and, one with :)

Chelcey's photograghy class went on a class assignment to the zoo on friday.. here's one of the shots that she got. I think it came out really good :)

AND.. I'll leave you with a funny story! After D and Courtney got home, Chelcey and I left to 1) Go to the bank and cash her check 2) Go to the Post office and 3) Go to the store and grab a few things we were out of... toliet paper being one of them. Ugh-hem.. NOT a thing to run out of in THIS house. Sure, I know what you're thinking, "Yeah, with a family of 7 I can see why!". Um, the family of 7 isn't the problem... the one that has the letter "D" in their name is! What? I didn't say any names..... ANYWAYS, at the bank I pulled too far away from the thingie-ma-bob that you put your check in. So, I have to stand on the running board of the Armada to be able to reach the bank drawer thing. SOMEHOW my leg must have hit the electric button that makes the seat move FORWARD.. and yeah, all of a sudden, I'm getting SQUOOSHED inbetween the stirring wheel and the seat.. it was absoutely, positivly HELARIOUS!!! Jennifer, our banker friend was cracking up! So were Chelcey and I. She admited that she had never seen such a thing happen. I told her to stick around, things like that happen to me all the time! :) After I got back in the car, the seat started laying BACKWARDS this time and Chelcey grabbed the camera and took a picture. It's blurry, but hey.. it was an action shot, what do you expect? :) LOL

Ok, photo story time is now over. I'm heading to Curves to get my groove on, then to tan, then to pick up some italian sausage for my lasgona tonight. Yes, I should have grabbed it last night while I was there... I forgot, ok? And well, I could make another chicken dish tonight, or even pork chips, or ham.. or something else that I have in there. However, last night... after dinner.. which mind you, I made 3 variations of chicken: Fried Chicken, Southwest Chicken (new seasoning) and Lemon Pepper Chicken. Along with Olive oil noodles for the girls, whole grain rice for D and Chelc, along with green beans. Last night D informed me that dinner pretty much sucked. He goes on to say how I've been making some really good dishes lately, but last night... not so much. I wanted to smack him. I spent 1.5hr. in that darn kitchen to hear that> The boy is lucky I'm even cooking tonight. If it wasn't for the other 5 mouths to feed, he would be scrapping for himself. Men....

:) Anyways.. I'm gone!


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