Saturday, April 25, 2009

PIctures of Addi

Real fast.. D is out planting seeds in the garden and I'm suppose to be out there helping him. LOL.... But, I took some pictures yesterday and wanted to share. Aspen had a sleepover last night at Allies- apparently they stayed up until 2am and MAN is this child difficult right now. That, coupled with a HORRIBLE allergy day and a BROKEN AC (don't ask!!).. it's not very fun for her. Or, for those of us who have to listen to her complain, whine, cry, etc. No, I'm not being a bad mom.. the child refuses to take allergy medicine, she refuses everything..... so, what the heck do you do? *rolling eyes*.

I'll be back on later to update, but wanted to share a few cutie pictures of Addi :)
More pictures to share, but my upload time is sloooooooow. And, I don't want D to shoot me bad looks when I get out there, so... going to share these now and I'll share more when I come back it. :) Planting peppers today.. all kinds. :) Exciting, I hope they grow. :)

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