Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up...

We had a great weekend. Kept busy and did quite a bit of work around the house, which is *always* a good thing. D has actually stepped it up around the house and has actually been *helping* (outside, but SO WHAT.. at least he's doing SOMETHING- I think it's the spring fever, but whatever it is.. I'll take it! lol). :) We finsihed up the garden on Saturday and the 4 raised beds that D made are now filled with seeds. Here's what we planted:

- green, red, and yellow (or organge.. can't remember ) peppers..
- Hungarian peppers
- Bannana Peppers
- Jelepeno's
- Sweet onions & regular onions
- 2 different kinds of Cucumbers
- Zuccinni
- 3 different kinds of lettuce *slurp*
- Broccoli
- and Okra

He also bought a Grape Plant (don't ask!)... the thing is still sitting on my cabinet, so.. not sure if we're going to plant it or not. Mom said they are very hard to grow. So, guess I'll do some research online to see if they are worth the trouble or not :)

We discovered a "Community Garden" right across the street in the wildlife preserve where you get a HUGE plot of land for the summer for $40, plus they supply the water. We're thinking about maybe doing that in addition to ours. I figure between our family, D's dad & sister, friends at church & our neighhood- why not? We always spend a small fortune on produce anyways at the store, so I'm hoping this works :) It's exciting.... :)

Here's some pictures from Friday when the truck load of soil was being dropped :)

Addi trying to help :)

D in his sexy clothes :) j/k.. these are his "work" clothes and these shorts are now 3 sizes too big. I wish he would just throw them away.. (lol)

Friday night Aspen had a sleepover. She swore up and down it wasn't a birthday party. We got there and sure enough, birthday. She had forgotten Chewie (her stuffed dog that goes *everywhere* with her), and after plenty of tears and a breakdown because she needed him... Addi, Sis and I headed BACK home, grabbed the dog (lol), then ran up to Kroger to get a card, plopped some money and some skittles in there and back to Allies house we went :) Aspen was all smiles... her and that dog, I'm telling you... I don't know what she's going to do if something ever happens to him. He's such a security for her. Courtney and I were *rolling* yesterday.. have you guys ever seen the commerical "In the arms of an angel" (theme song) of Sarah McCloffin (spell?) talking about the mistreated dogs- how you can donate, etc? Courtney and I said we are going to make a youtube video of dirty Chewie being stuffed in a backpack, all dirty (lol).. with that theme song. :) We were DIEING.... you had to be there, I guess (lol).

Here are some pictures taken Friday evening....

Addi's picture that she drew for Daddy :)

Close-up :)

We have a TON of ducks/geese that fly around here.. a TON. Every morning on the way to school we see 2 ducks flying together. So D made up names for them, "Larry and Gary". So, EVERY SINGLE MORNING (I kid you not!) the girls will spot "Larry and Gary" and will scream, "Daddy, there's Larry and Gary!"... it's so absotuely cute! Well, Friday night guess who decided to fly over our neighborhood to say hello? Larry, Gary, *and* their friend Barry! :) Classic!

Don't say that I didn't warn you- my face is SUPER PUFFY in these pictures. I plopped 5 stinkin' green olives on my salad that afternoon and paid for it for 2 days! I can't process salt for some reason and I just BLOW up like a flipping blow fish! Drives me INSANE!!! So, those of you who know me know that my face is swollen here. Those that don't, well.. I guess I'll just look 15lbs heavier for a day (lol).

Sadie rolling around all crazy..:)

Addi and I were on the front porch, Sissy was over at Holly's with Courtney. She came running up the sidewalks and asks: "Mom, can I play at Holly's?".. Um Sis, isn't that where you've BEEN for the last 30min?.. "Yeah, but I just wanted to ask!".. :) LOL... :) Ya gotta love her!

D came up from working in the garden, needed something out of the garage and I made him (made being the operative word here) :) take a picture with me. Doesn't he look SO THRILLED to do so? :)

D powerwashed the deck yesterday (stop smiling Mom!). The fact of the matter is- he got it done and that's all that matters. He powerwashed our big windows from the outside and now they are all streeked (grr....)... now I have to go buy a big squeezey-thingie to clean them. We are going to stain the deck next weekend- WAY over-do, but SO glad that he did it.

I cleaned inside for quite awhile yesterday... still got that spring fever bug, let me tell you! Feel like I'm making progress... of course, that can all change in a matter of days (lol).

Since Courtney broke my bike, Chelcey's bike, her old bike.. (ugh-hem!) when D and I take the girls on a bike ride I use Courtney's bike. Well, she really wanted to go yesterday so D and her took the 3 little ones over to the bike trail, along with friend Holly, while I stayed behind and got dinner. When they got back, I dished up their plates and asked Chelc to babysit while D and I went on a bike ride. We did a 3.5 to a 4 mile ride and it was flipping AWESOME! We hit the trails (downhill gravel, NOT what you're looking for!) :) and had a BLAST! Of course, I was telling a story as we were going uphill and my mouth was open (shocker!) and I swollowed a BIG honkin' thing of BUGS (lol).. I think I coughed for 10min. straight. LOL... We had a REALLY good time though and both of our legs felt like jello when we got off the bikes! :) When we got home, we all sat outside on the deck and counted how many times we could holla-hoop. Sis is the *holla hop QUEEN!*.. my girl had 279 seconds... D use to be pretty stellar at it, but he coudln't even get his groove on last night (lol). I got 59 seconds. Aspen got 5 seconds (off night! lol)... and Addi was CRACKING us up! OMG, the way that child hoola hoops is hELARIOUS! She moves her hips all crazy and stiff... you HAVE to see it to understand. We were all DIEING! :)

Ok, have a few funny pictures to share from yesterday after church.. Courtney and I were ON THE FLOOR with tears ROLLING out of our eyes! :) I will upload those now and will share here in a bit :)

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