Thursday, April 30, 2009

Random Chatter

Aw, glorious rain! Yes, I'm a little excited that it's raining because 1) I didn't water the garden yesterday, so it's well needed. 2) My cat attacked me, left several scratches, so throwing his butt outside in the rain was very liberating. (Punk!). And 3) It's making me kick back, relax on the couch with a blanket, watching Regis & Kelly- something that I haven't done in MONTHS.

So yesterday our power was out for several hours. In those few hours, I cleaned quite a bit. I even scrubbed down my bathroom (which you know I hate with the passion). So today, I kick back and enjoy a clean house. Well, I guess it really matters as to how one defines clean. I mean, if you come over and just walk the first floor, it's all good. Dare you climb the stairs to the "kid zone?", well.. enter at your own risk. And if you decide to even attempt to mosey on down tot he basement, another kid-zone hang-out, well... don't say I didn't warn you. But man, my first main level is clean. :) Doesn't that count for somethin'? Anyways, back to the whole "power being out". A few weeks ago we had that bad lightening storm and our TV just went out. It wouldn't turn on for several days, so when the Insight guy (our cable/phone/internet provider) was out repairing the phone lines that were cut by the lawn guy, I asked him to take a look at the TV. He messed around with it for a good 10-15min., and then proceeded to tell us that it appears to have been struck by lightening. Makes sense since we had a big "BOOM!" sound and the lights flickered at the same time. Scared me half to death because I had JUST touched the darn garbage disposal and thought I had gotten struck by lightening. :) You *had* to be there, I screamed, jumped up and down while running, I thought my children were going to pee themselves by laughing so hard! Yea, good thing I can entertain them while being freaked OUT. Anyways, so when our electricity came back on all of a sudden, SO DID OUR TV. I'm not sure *what* exactly happened, but the fact of the matter is... our big screen TV is *not* broken and apparently was *not* struck by lightening like we thought. shew! good news!

I have been researching children homes here in Louisville today. I'm hoping to find one that I can volunteer at. Children are such a passion to me, and my heart goes out to any child that doesn't have a family to love them. God has been tugging my heart quite a bit actually. As I left Aspen's fieldtrip the other day, on my way to Goodwill, I passed a huge building called "Kentucky Children's Home". I have been trying to research what the place is all about, but keep coming up empty. I just keep finding directions, maps, etc. Still looking though. I told D, after reading about the orphanages around the world where there aren't any funds to provide mattresses or blankets for the cribs, so the children have to sleep on a hard, metal bed. Because they are limited on caregivers, the majority of these infants and children are left in their cribs most of the day. My heart was aching for them, tears falling down my face. So many times we go on with our lives, enjoying the blessings that God has given us, when we fail to recognize those who need us the most. My heart has been tugging in this direction for several years now.. since living in Peoria, IL. I believe we each have a calling and honestly, I feel that helping children in need is mine. I came across a website, Amazima, which is an AMAZING story of a young college woman who sold everything that she owned to follow God's will for her, which took her to Uganda. She started Amazima Ministries and her story is absolutely amazing. She feeds over 300 orphans a day, and she has since adopted 15 children of her own. She is such an amazing woman, and the stories of these children are just heart breaking. But knowing all that she has done, is doing, and will continue to do is changing the lives of these precious children. Her story spoke to me. It grabbed me, just as I hope it grabs you. I know not everyone that reads my blog is a believer in Christ, but I think anyone with a heart can see the help that is needed for children in need ALL around the world, and how something so very little can help the daily lives of these children. I hope you'll check out her amazing story and I hope that God speaks to your heart in the little things in this world that you can do to make a difference.

I was contacted by Fox news, a local station, in hopes to get an interview with my Aunt and my cousin regarding the Gardasil Adverse Reaction. This is good!!! It means that the word is spreading and the more coverage it receives, the better. I'm still talking... I bring it up in conversation when I'm talking to other Mom's and I think it's so important. We are taught to trust our Drs., that they know best. So as a Mom, when your dr. or OB/GYN recommends the vaccine for your daughter, majority of all Moms will happily agree- thinking they are doing something good to protect them. Drs. simply wait until a vaccine is approved and recommended from the FDA, then they start to push it. It all lays in the hands of the FDA, the Pharma Companies, and then the Drs. are simply the "pusher man" so to speak. Reading the stories of how some of the Drs. are selling this vaccine, it makes you wonder if the Drs. even know in-dept what they are actually pushing on to these girls. I won't get off on a tangit, I promise. But the awareness needs to continue.... in any capacity. So keep spreading the word guys, each time you do, you are saving a girl from the potential harm that this vaccine can have on them. My cousin Steff has had a few really good days, which is AWESOME! They took her to Mayo Clinic in MN, and left with no more news than what really was given to them at their Hospital in MO. "Stress". We have learned however, that Drs. tend to slap the label of "stress" on something when they simply do not have the answers. The good news is that she has now started to sweat again, which is AWESOME in helping her body detox out the heavy metal toxins. We discovered, through the amazing world of the internet, that aluminum (a neurotoxin ingredient in the Gardasil Vaccine) CLOGS POURS, therefore- causing you not to sweat. This happened to Steff. THANKFULLY, after 3 months of not sweating, she is now- which is huge! They are taking the holistic route to get her better since traditional medicine, like with all the other Gardasil Girls, has failed them. Please continue to pray for Steff... several "good" days is AWESOME.. but we want a FULL RECOVERY to get this little chick back to her normal life. Here's the blog if you want to keep up with her progress:

Ok, need to bail! I think I'm going to get my butt up now, throw myself together and start on a few things that I need/want to get done before I have to pick up the little chicks:

1) Tackle/Purge D's side of the closet (sooo over-due!)
2) Tackle/Purge the little girl’s toys upstairs
3) Take all above items, along with the 2 bags I already have together, to Goodwill
4) Refrain from going INSIDE of Goodwill to buy more stuff :)
5) Divide out the ground beef to freeze, and cut up Brisket in the process
6) Run 20min. on the treadmill
7) Work-out at Curves, although I think I'll wait until later to do this one
8) Plop in another load of laundry
9) FOLD the 2 loads that are begging for attention *bleech* "Do I haaaave, too?
10) Make my bed. I can't believe that it's 10:48am and I have yet to make my bed. This is usually the FIRST thing I do every day. HOW did I overlook this? um, lazy?

Ok.. need to scram! Have a wonderful and a BLESSED day!


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