Friday, May 1, 2009

Got my groove on!

Today is the Oaks at the KY Derby. A BIG day if you are into the KY Derby, and just a normal, going to rain like mad, kinda day if you're not. I'm not. So, I fall under the last catagory. Sure, we will watch the race tommorow on our TV, because well... it is a very intense 2 minute race. I never thought I'd enjoy it, but the first year we watched it- when the anticipation built up inside, well... I kinda liked the feeling. If you live around here, you know how insane this town/city..whatever you want to call it, gets! C R A Z Y!!!... So, we don't venture down that way [Churchhill Downs]. We stay in our suburban haven and watch it from a far. Just another day.....

I worked out at 9:30am this morning. Yea, I thought maybe you misunderstood me. I said, I worked out at 9:30am this morning. Got my groove on early, then tanned, then wanted to come home and ride my bike. BURST of engery, which is a good thing. Well, that and Curves was closing after 1pm today and won't re-open again until Monday due to the whole "KY Derby" gig. The entire town basically shuts down, unless you want to eat or drink. Stores all close early so they don't miss out. Pretty crazy actually. :) SO, I got motivated early and headed to Curves. Had a great conversation with a few of the ladies there, so that was nice. :) I woke up with a cramp in my left foot don't ask.. so when I tried to run, it wasn't working out to well. So.. I just jumped a little bit, lookin' all like a spaz I'm sure. But hey, what can ya do?

D called and asked, okay..I made him beg.. for me to help out with the finance package. He has like 5 of these to get out, and I guess I'm the design girl or something. I said sure. I mean, I know.. I'm typing on my BLOG right now verses working on it, but c'mon.. like he knows that. :) Actually, I'm waiting on a few files to come over so I thought I'd kill some time in the process. Surfed !"The Pioneer Woman", had a few smiles, grabbed a few recipe ideas I just love her! Hmm, I wonder if she needs a new friend? Yeah, I know, probally not. But I could learn a thing or two from her, she'd be a good friend to have. Besides, she makes me laugh. I love her humor, and I absoutely *love* her new lodge. I love the idea of living out in the middle of no-where, I really do.... Would I seem desperate if I emailed her and said, "Hi, you don't know me but I simply have to be your new friend. No, you can't turn me down because..because.. well, because okay? So, ugh.. write me back!" Yeah, probally a little stalkerish. Maybe I'll refrain. darnit...

Anyways, back to reality! Chelc is off of school today- all the public schools, but naturally Christian Accedmy is still in session. So, Chelcey is working today and then is babysitting for her photograghy teacher from 5:30pm-11pm. Courtney is babysitting our Youth Pastors kids tonight- it will be her first time babysitting aside from her sisters or Ty, who lives next door, so.. I'm hoping she does ok. This is a girl who this morning because she was awake all by herself at 6:30am, had EVERY light on in the house. And boy, do I mean *every*. She will ask Addi to go downstairs in the evenings to get something because she herself is too scared. Um, yeah.. let's send the 6 year old because the 13 year old is freaked out. Hey, don't blame me.. I wasn't the only genes involved in making her. :) No, she'll do fine. It will only be for a few hours and Darren & Jenna ususally go out really early (5:30pm). Chelcey is their babysitter, but because she had another gig tonight, Court got to pick it up. She's excited. She made $20 babysitting Ty for just 2 hours on Monday, so she's just raking it in this week.

D let our lawn man go *sigh* because he got our neighbor friend Nash to do it for cheaper, he has his own landscaping business. WELL, he signed Nash's guys up on Saturday and we have *yet* to see them mow our yard. We've been getting a ton of rain, and it's suppose to continue for the next 4 days, then off one da, then another 2 days... so, I can't imagine what this yard is going to look like. We don't own a lawnmower since we are lazy, and well.. it's easier to just pay someone else to do it for us :) but if we did, I would be out there pushing the thing right now before it rained. Our yard is HORRIBLE right now... HORRIBLE.

Ok, I'm sure my files are uploaded by now so, need to tackle this so I can get it out of my life. My batteries are dead on my camera so I'm hoping to snatch some new ones up today so I can share some new pictures over the weekend. Until then, have a wonderful Friday!

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