Friday, May 8, 2009

Aw, Friday at last!

This has been a really long week. I'm so glad that it's Friday and almost the weekend, aren't you?

I have some running around to do here in a bit. Savannah is going to a slumber party tonight (poor parents.. just kidding, just kidding! :)) and she's going home with the little girl right after school. So, I need to finsih packing her stuff, and then run out to buy the gift. I'm thinking a webkinz because that's what Sis wants to get her. So, I may stumble into that cute little boutique I was telling you about the other day. They have tons of webkinz and just really unique stuff, so... that'll be fun :) I also want to get the working out gig and tanning out of the way early so we can kick back and just enjoy family time tonight!

D wants me to go buy a scale. I really don't want to. He gets really obsessed with weighing himself, it's not normal *or* healthy. I beleive in weighing yourself once a week.. but once a month is more like it. I avoid scales. I use to be obsessed, but that just made me more crazy about my weight. Now, I just don't weigh myself unless I really, really have to. For example, I had my weigh-in at Curves when I first started there almost a month ago. I stepped on the stupid thing about 4 days ago (PMSing, and bloated.. NOT what you want to do!) and the scale was up 2lbs. Needless to say, I was bent! I've been working out SO HARD and eating really well and it said I *gained* 2 pounds? Sure, the logical side of me knew that it was just water weight. My sodium consumption has been through the roof because of those stupid little beef jerky slim jim guys. I love them. We got a TON from Sams and I thought, "Ah-Ha! Awesome for protein!".. but the salt intake is UNREAL! I'll eat a mini-one and my face blows up. So, I knew it was water weight. I was getting ready to start anyways, but still.. that little voice in my head kept saying, "You are GAINING WEIGHT!" not what one wants to hear when they are trying to get in shape. It just kept playing over and over and over, all night long, until I finally turned the darn thing off and said "NO, I'M NOT GAINING WEIGHT! I CAN TELL I'M FIRMING UP, NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!"

(What? you don't tell your head to shutup? You should try it, it's very liberating!.

SO, as you can see... the whole "scale thing" just isn't for me. I hate the un-known in life, always have... I need answers. I need directions. I need a plan. That's what makes me, well,me. However, in the land of numbers... the unknown is a better place to visit. Back to D. The boy will weigh himself NO LESS than 10 times a day. I know what you're thinking, "Chrystal, you're such drama! No one can weigh themselves that much in one day! Oh yes friends, I kid you not. He gets OBSESSED. He will pee. He will then weigh himself again. He will go on a bike-ride. Guess what he will do when he gets back? He doesn't understand that *water weight* can make you go up and down, so why torture yourself? My weight will go up 1-3lbs. in one day, always has. D's weight goes up/down 10lbs in one day. It's just too discouraging. We had Susan's digital scale because ours broke some time ago, but thankfully- she needed it back about 3wks ago. But now Mr. D wants me to go buy one. Why people, why?.... Scales stink! Bottom line. They are evil, they need to be taken off the shelves for all man-kind and we need to focus on how we FEEL and LOOK, not so much about numbers. Can you, ugh...tell him that?

I worked out yesterday and it was AWESOME! I was the *only* one in the place so I did double time on each machine and man, it felt great!!!! Then, when I got home D had all the bikes sitting in the drive-way, so all of us went on a bike-ride over to the trails. It wasn't a "hard bike ride" like D and I do solo. It was pretty laid back and quite drama-filled. The bike I was riding lost it's breaks. No big deal, God gave me feet to stop me. Evedently Courtney left the bike out in the rain so now they don't work. Sweet. Aspen was riding her bike and the chain came off. So, that set us back about 7min. Then, Sissy was just riding away, minding her own little business, and then a stupid bug flew in her eye. She screamed. We stopped. I rubbed and blew in the thing until it felt better. Holly went with us and half way through she announced that she didn't tell her Mom she was coming with us. Not a big deal, Holly is like our 6th child, honestly, she goes everywhere with us so I knew Terry would be fine, but having her not know wasn't what I wanted, ya know? So... we were only gone for about 45min. It was still fun, a little drama.. but hey, with 5 girls in tow, what do you expect?

Ok, D just called. He has a meeting with the bank about our church. We're trying to pull some money down from the CD they have in holding to do some outside improvements. D just found out it's at 10:30am. So, I need to get iron his pants and shirt. Gotta scram! I'll be back later..Yes, just what you wanted to hear, I'm sure! ;)

Later Gators!

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