Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chelcey got her permit!

SUPER busy week with it being last week of school for the little ones and Court. Today is Addi's kindergarden graduation- we have to be there at 12:15pm. She's still sleeping as we speak :)

Chelcey FINALLY got her permit this morning. What a time.... it took us *4* times going to that place.

1) First time we didn't have her SS card (just her number), so.. she had to wait until I got her card. TWO trips to the SS office (they needed her GRADE card for proof of who she was, a birth certificate wasn't good enough (what?).

2) Second time she needed a clearance letter from her eye dr. (her left eye is horrible vision, even with glasses). So, had to go to the eye dr. afterwards to get that done.

3) Third time was yesterday, we got there and then I realized I forgot her file (with her eye dr. letter) ON THE TABLE AT HOME. I thought she was going to kill me

4) Today, the eye dr. apparently didn't fill in all the information, but the lady was nice enough to let D do it after him basically begging her SO.. she just called and SHE PASSED!!!!

For her sake, I'm thrilled that she finally has it. For MY sake, lets just say that the thought of her out on the road freaks me out more than you'll ever know. I've been letting her drive. She thinks she's "got it". She was getting annoyed with me yesterday because I kept telling her to SLOW DOWN. She would need to come to a complete stop wtih a car in front of her and she would wait until the very last minute to stop. I kept reminding her "BREAKS ARE YOUR FRIEND-- DO NOT BE AFRAID TO USE THEM!". I think it's going to be REAL interesting around here now. LOL

Lots been going on and I will update later this evening. Yesterday was Addi's last day of school so she's home-free after graduation. Sis, Aspen, and Court go a half day tommorow and they are done. Chelc has finals M-W of next week and then she's done. This time of year is always SO hectic it's unreal.

D had to go to OH yesterday- spent 500 miles in car and is zonked. He has to fly to Louisiana tommorow and will come home on Saturday- they are looking at a new hotel. Chelc and I went tanning and hit Kohls afterwards yesterday so I could pick up a new dress for graduation today. Felt guilty afterwards to be honest.... it's not like I *needed* a new dress, I simply *wanted* a new dress. Yes, it was on sale and was only $28, but still.... my view on things have really changed and honestly, I think about what another family could do with that $28 that I spent to use towards things that they *need*. When I tell you about the family in our church, from Africa, who are still waiting on their Mom and baby sister, you will understand. God has really opened my eyes up to SO MUCH over the last few months. So, new dress? Yes... feeling guilty like I shoudln't have bought it? Yes.

Okay, need to bail! Lots to do this morning. I'll post pictures later. Have a good day :)

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Hillary said...

YAY for Chelcey!! :o)