Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Busy, Busy, and Busy....

Man, been so busy over this way taht I haven't posted in awhile. I still have Addi's graduation pictures to upload and share which I'll do a little later. My camera is sitting on my dresser and the girls are asleep in my room (still!). It's 10:35am. They've slept in our room the last few nights and it's killing me. They have a MASSIVE bedroom, 3 little beds lined up- but they RARELY sleep in there. I don't know what it is. My children would rather sleep on the couch in the living room or on my floor. Who knows..... Courtney of course, sleeps in the babies room and not her own room. It's weird, I tell ya...... weird. I wish I could just get everyone back in their own space. I'm so over picking up all the blankets & pillows every day. Argh.

D is in Merillville, IN today- he's boarding the plane as we speak. He was in OH all day yesterday and man, he's just so tierd. He has SO much work going on right now he can't keep up. He's just so overwhelmed, stressed... you name it. Hopefully he can get caught up soon because I hate to see him like this. He came down with poison ivy or posoin oak and had to go to Urgent Care last Monday. They gave him a shot of steroids in the Boot-tay, and put him on steroid pills. Still has it really bad. So, they called in something else last night-- we'll see how it does. He itches like crazy and his legs are just ate up! Horrible!!!...

The ceromony stuff is going..... I can't beleive it's so soon, we still have a fair number of things to do. I think D is stressing about this. He was picking something the other day online and I had to comment on how he's the ONLY MAN I've ever known to worry about these kind of details. It's suppose to be the WOMAN that does everything. His sister and Christine both told me to just knock him around the other day because he is *very* anal and *very* set in his ways. My "simple" "just for us-recommittment" cermony of no details has turned into quite a detail-fest. He wants to get columns for the cermony site but is freaking out because they don't have the column topper that connects. Um, WHO CARES? I say bag the whole idea and who NEEDS it? Save us $150 in the process. He did get all the table linens, chair covers, sashes, etc. for free from the linen place in Orland Park which was good. He being anal about the colors, thinking they aren't going to match. He doesn't like the colors I picked to be honest and was having a fit, I was like "Wow, I can't beleive that I'm actually allowed to pick something!".... (cough-cough!). Whatever.. it doesn't matter to me. I just assume show up in simple, white sundress-- the girls in cute little dresses and just saw our vows, have a nice dinner with everyone and that's it. The whole wedding dress thing is stressing ME out. I've tried on no less than 15 dresses and nothing worked. Either they are super hoochie-fied (um, not quite the look I want to go for thank-you-very-much), or they are so darn poofy they put cinderella to shame. And quite frankly, I prefer to fit thru the door when I enter.. (lol). I'm (trying) to find something SIMPLE (can I stress that work ENOUGH?), but either that means super form fitting (ugh, no!), or just so "blah" where it has no shape.... needless to say, I just want the whole dress thing to be over with. I go today to another shop... hopefully I can walk out of there with something today so I can have time to get it altered. I ordered the 3 little ones dresses, but still need to find Courtney & Chelcey's dresses. Other than that, we need to find a Pastor (need to do that today!), finalize the music for the harp player, finalize the menu, order the cake, and order the flowers. I really like hydrinanes (spell?) so that's what were doing for the boutiques (which to be honest, I didn't even want to do boutiques, but the girls and D outruled me!). It'll all come together and like I told D... it's our FAMILY and a few friends.. THAT'S IT. I am NOT doing this for a show, I'm doing it for --- I hate details, they stress me out and it's never worth it, ya know? You can have a special day without all the frills. Simple! That's why the whole wedding dress thing is getting to me. I want to find a dress no more than $150. D said to budget $700, I told him he's NUTS! If I can't find a dress for $150- under $200 MAX, forget about it. I'll buy a simple white dress that I can hopefully wear again sometime. :) A "multi-use" dress, I guess you could say. Spending a near fortune on a dress that I'll be wearing for a few hours of my life for some pictures just isn't something on my priority list. Sure, if I was young, madly in love (cracking a funny, relax! :)), and "beginning" my life with someone... sure, I can see details. But lets face it. That's not the case. We are re-committing ourselves to one another. I have the invitations here, just need to print them out and get them in the mail. Considering we're only 2wks away, may I suggest I get that done today? Ugh-hem.

Remember the family I was telling you about from Librea, Africa that are members of our church? It's a dad (Jimmy) with 4 kids (Kool'la (6), Seina (8), Jimmy (5th grade), and Lumini (9th grade). They've been here for about a year and are still trying to get their Mom out of Librea, w/ their baby sister. It wasn't brought to our attention until a few weeks ago that they are really struggling. They were living with their cousin (also from Librea) and there was about 11 of them in a tiny apartment. We know the other family too, great people! Well, Jimmy just got a job at the Walmart Neighboorhood food mart and was able to get a small little apartment for him and the kids. He works really long hours (midnight shift) so Lumini is basically the one who cares for the family. They didn't have much of anything, but thanks to Susan (a friend in our church) who has really taken to the family, she made us aware so we can help. They are so grateful and man are those children well-behaved. We've been over there a few times, and Sunday after church we took some things over and brought all the kids over here to play, we had a BBQ, and then took them back to church with us that evening. They are still trying to get use to our food, as they ususally only eat rice, beans, and soup over in Africa. Lumini ate 3 plates full of food- he has really gotten use to our food here in American, but little Kool'la & Seina are still trying to get the hang of it. Little Kool'la (my favorite, it's okay that I have a favorite- she's the sweetest little thing!) thinks everything is "yuck" (reminds me of Sissy and the green beans at school.. lol), but kept saying, 'I love chocoloate!" Yep, my kind of girl! I let her have a few gummy worms and her little tummy hurt fo rthe rest of the night.. I felt so bad. They just aren't use to stuff like that... like I told D, SO much of our food here is processed.. I bet it IS hard to digest, heck- I can't even digest the stuff. Anyways, I picked the girls up a some shoes, but little Kool'la's foot is HUGE for her size/age. So, I need to take them back and get her some before tonight. Tonight is church and I told her that I would have new shoes for her, some princess stuff (they love princess stuff but don't have any toys :( except one baby doll), so I want to get them together some dress-up stuff, find a little brown skinned baby. :) I asked Kool'la if she wanted a white skin baby (I pointed to my skin) or a brown skinned baby (pointing to her skin) and she said pointed to her skin :) So, the mission is on. :) I was in charge of the nursery room at church sunday evening and had Kool'la sitting on my lap while I was reading. I asked Kool'la if she could have ONE thing, what would she want? Her eyes got HUGE and with her broken english she said "A REAL, LIVE ELEPHANT!".. and she was shaking her head up and down so fast, SO excitedly. It was so precious. I explained how elephants can't live with us, then she said, "Just a little baby elephant, then"... :) When I was at Goodwill the other day, Addi was with me, and she found the most CUTEST stuffed animal elephant and wanted it. But I woudln't let her get it because we do NOT need more stuff in this house. The next day is when I found out that Kool'la loves elephants, so I want to go back there today and pray that it's still there. :) I think that wold make her day. I asked Addi if it would be okay to give it to her and she was all excited about giving it to her :) I just didn't want Addi to be bummed that i wouldn't let HER get it, but we would get it for Kool'la, ya know? They understand the concept of giving to others, and they enjoy it (well, except for Savannah.. she still has a hard time letting go of "things"-- but we're working on it). Anyways... I have some running around to do for them today, I want to stop by the store and pick up a few things- it's so hard because I don't want to get things that will be hard on their bellies, but at the same time- I know they like things like goldfish, juice, fruit, etc. etc... so... we'll see how it goes. :)

Courtney spent the night with her friend Samantha last night, so I need to get the girls togethere (they are sitting at the table with me now, eating breakfast at 11:30am) so we can go pick her up, then I guess Sky wants to come over (their cousin from Colorado- he got in town last night and the step mom refuses him to stay with her duing the day, she's a prize, that one.. lol). So, D's dad is keeping him today and has called me twice to see if he can come over (it's wet outside and he can't go outside, so he's bored over there). I need to hit the bridal shop and a few places, but figured he can come over and play with the girls & Courtney.

So.. need to throw myself together and get a move on things. LOTS to get done in a short amount of time. Have a great day & pictures coming this evening.

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Hey! I keep checking back for the pictures you were putting on that night. AND am I invited to the wedding?? You forgot to send me an invitation..........LOL