Friday, May 22, 2009

My Weigh-in, Field Day Fun

Morning, all! Today is Field Day at the babies school [am I ever going to stop calling them "babies?"] :).. so, need to be there at 9am. Chelcey called to say that she forgot her English report on her bed..grrrr... that girl! So, looks like I'm heading her way before I go to field day.

Worked out last night and did my weigh in/measurements.... good thing I wasn't expecting any mircicles because I would have been REALLY disappointed. Overall I lost 2.25 inches, 1.20 lbs, and lost 3.21 body fat pounds. I was really hoping to see more inches lost to be honest because man, I've been HITTING it. I think I need to revamp my menu. I never eat a "full meal" to be honest, I just grab a few bites here and there other than that stupid nature valley granola bar that is *packed* with sodium that blows me up after the first bite. So, back to 2 salads a day, with chicken (protein) and I NEED to start eating breakfast. Going to try that starting today and see if that makes a difference at my next measurement/weigh-in day. My weight is still higher than it was 2 months ago which SUCKS. Yes, it's only by 2-3lbs, but still.. on a short frame of 4"11, I'm tellin' ya... I can tell! I FEEL more tone for sure, esp. my theighs and arms, but not a lot of difference there. I only lost .50 inch in my theighs and the same with my arms. My calves stayed the same. Who knows.... wish now I woudn't have done it to be honest with you. I'm happy about my BMI though, it's at 23.20% which I think is good, but man... I need INCHES gone in my legs and want to tone, tone, tone. Oh well.... not going to get down about it, just need to push it a little harder (is that POSSIBLE?), and just eat different. More food for engery- proteins and greens. So.. the race is on. We'll see what it's like next month.

Okay, need to finsih getting ready. It was a rough day yesterday... I hate days like that! So I'm hoping today is a better day. Have a good day everyone and I'll post pictures later today of field day :) the girls were bouncing off the walls this morning.

See ya!

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