Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chopped OFF the hair!

No, not ME silly.. are you insane?.. but yesterday afternoon I took Chelcey, who on IMPULSE (shocker, I know...) decided she wanted her hair cut off.. about 6 inches. *gulp*. I tried to talk her out of it, okay.. I begged her.. litterally! But, she had her mind made up, so.. what can you do?

It looks really cute, don't you think? The hair people, NOT the cats butt..geesh, FOCUS PEOPLE, FOCUS!

Then, ASPEN has been *begging* to chop off her hair forEVER. I begged her not to do it, but... she IS a tomboy, ya know... and her hair looks the same *all the time*... always pulled back in a ponytail. SO, I took a deep breath and took her with us. It looked really cute when they lady cut it short and it was straight across. She said she would give it a few layers at the bottom so it would "wing" out, Aspen said "yes-yes-yes!" (she was excited!), so.. I trusted that "a few" was just that.. a few. I then went to sit down with D and Chelc, the lady called me back over about 7 minutes later and she had LAYERED it. Those of you who KNOW me *know* I LOATHE layers. DISPISE them. Ever since ERIN, my FORMER HAIRDRESSER [thank-you-very-much] gave me layers without ASKING me, I seriously want to straggle anyone who even mutters off the word "layers". BUT.. it was already cut, and even though *I* don't really like it, ok.. hardly at all (what? Is that bad or something?) what can ya do? Aspen LOVES it. I think she just loves it because 1) It's short 2) It's "different", something that she wanted and 3) She doesn't look like Savannah anymore.

Here's a shot that Chelcey got of her last night...

Savannah was bent (to say lightly) that she didn't get to go. SO.. that meant me doing the next best thing, and that is.... chopping off all of HER hair once she got out of the bath last night. Came out really cute, pictures will posted later this afternoon-- still need to snap a few.

Then you have Addi, whose hair has REALLY gotten long and pretty. She wants to wack it now, too. go figure, right? She wants it like Chelcey's... so, we'll see. She wants to go to the salon today. We'll see..... Courtney is undecided what she wants done. Hey, the way I see it.. it's summer.. if you're going to go, go BIG! Well, unless you're talking about me... I personally am going to go buy some pre-natal vitimins tonight in hopes that my hair will become FULL, HEALTHY, and LOOOOONG just like it did when I was pregnant. Man, sure hope they don't make me sick like they did when I was knocked up. :) LOL

More pictures coming soon....

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