Thursday, May 7, 2009

Downtown Driving, not for me.

I'm getting ready to head downtown, which I try to avoid at all costs, but.. I have an appointment that I have been waiting for for several months now, so what can ya do? Tough it out, and go sista!

Anyhoo... I had lunch room duty yesterday at the girls school, so that took up the majority of my morning/afternoon. Then we had church last night. The girls are having their "testing week" this week at school, so no homework this week which has been AWESOME. We did have to finish up 2 book reports this week though, Aspen's Tornado Report, which D helped her with, and Savannah's Helen Keller report, which I was in charge of, but that was no big deal. Reports are more fun than a weeks worth of homework ANYDAY. Plus, you get to color and use the glue-stick, what more can ya ask for? :) Darren, Jenna and the kids came over after church last night and was here until about 9pm. They were pretty wired from running around all crazy with Natalie and Miccah. They were having fun and well, it is almost the weekend. Don't ask me how getting them up this morning was. We made it, but man... tierd little farts!

NOthing else really shaking....I need to run upstairs, grab the straightener and curling iron (yes, I use both at the same time, is that weird or something?) so I can finsih up the primping and head before I head on downtown.Lord, help me! It takes about 20min. to get there and I have NO idea where I'm going. I *hate* downtown. It's scarey. It's big. and there are more "one way streets' and parking garages then I care to be a part of.

On that note. Have a great day and unless something happens to me downtown (smile!), I'll talk to you soon! Have I mentioned I'm a small-town girl and drive like one? Hey, I can whip around all the interstates now like it's nothing, I've came a loooong way. I use to get SO turned around because you have to jump on several interstates and I would always take the wrong direction. It was NOT good! :) I'm a 'ole pro now, but plop my butt in downtown and hope for the best? Um, yea.. good luck with that one! :)

Oh, the picture above was taken a few days ago of Chelc and I. Nothing too smancy, but hey.. just roll with it, ok? I'm outtie!


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