Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Crazy Cow & Billygoats

Ok, this stuff only happens to me, I assure you. :)

Sunday D and I hit the bike trails HARD. We had just finsihed up 2 of the trails, slopping around in the mud, had a BLAST. Well, he wanted to go down the hard one which starts off this STEEP downward hill that's nothing but gravel. I've been down it before and made it :) but it had rained quite a bit and I was freaked out a little bit. It's a tough trail and you really need a helmet on because of all the rocks when you start off. It's about 1.5 mile, then it ends at the railroad tracks, then you have to go around all these whindy curves where cars travel to get back home. That's the part that always scares me. ANYWAYS, I agreed to go. It didn't matter that I had worked out 7 days in a row, my legs were on FIRE- so sore, but... I always let him talk me into stuff, so I'm sure he knew he could persuede me to go. Besides, no pain, no gain, right?

We start biking down that way and all of a sudden, this random COW with about 15 billygoats are just walking around. It was WEIRD dude. I'm telling you, I was like "OMG, umm.. I don't think that Cow is suppose to be just walking around!". It's a nature preserve but there is a tour home that stays open, but it was passed business hours, so no one was around. D and I rode our bikes up the driveway to see what the heck the cow & billygoats were doing. It was SO heliarious! They were walking around like they owned the place and were eating the leaves off the trees, the billygoats kept falling down, it was NOT something that you see everyday. The cow was black and white, but had two little horns. I love cows, but the thing was freaking me out because that sucker was BIG and he was RIGHT next to us. After we laughed our butts off for a good 15min., we decided to take off toward the barn to see if maybe they broke loose or something. As soon as D took off on his bike, that darn Cow started running towards Darryl. I was freaking out!!! he was laughing, I was on the other side of this shed like thing, HIDING from the cow. I coudln't see Darryl anymore and screamed, "ARE YOU OKAY?".. he screamed back "Umm, YEAH!".. I then screamed, "AM I OKAY?" :) It was so funny! I peaked around the corner and the cow was ne where to be seen. I was thinking that the thing was probally waiting on me on the other side. I kept wondering if my bike could out run the cow. :) All of a sudden, D screams "GO- OMG- GO BABY!"... So I took off on my bike, screaming like a mad lunitic, I'm sure.. thinking that this darn cow was heading my way. Then all of a sudden D started cracking up. There was no cow on my tail, he was just messing with me. PUNK!

D said that they live in the barn and probally just come out to eat. There is a HUGE (huge!!!!!) fields, so I keep thinking that maybe they just broke loose or something. Of ALL times D didn't have his cell phone, that was then. I wanted to call someone (there is a number posted on the sign) to make sure. Now everytime we go over there, I'm going to be worried about some random cow with two horns just popping out in the woods.

It was so funny though, we had a really good time! I surived the last trail and when we got home we both felt AWESOME! AND, the great thing is that my body is already starting to tone quite a bit. Underneath my arms (the jiggly part) is like night and day. I wave now and barely anything jiggles. :) LOL. before, awh man... it wasn't right! Same with my legs. My theighs feel really solid now. They don't LOOK solid yet :) lol, but they are hard as a rock. I can also tell in my abs. I'm telling you, if I'm already toning after just 3.5 weeks, I'm excited at what 3.5 MONTHS will do. GOOD STUFF and I am loving it! I've been doing something active every day. I'm working out at Curves for 4 days a week, then we bike about 3-4 times, and I started running on Saturday which I want to do 2-3 times. I am REALLY loving it though, it just makes me feel so good, ya know?

Ok. Wanted to share the random cow story. I need to go slap some make-up on and head to the gym and then tan. I didn't do ANYTHING yesterday, because my legs were SO SORE for hitting it 7 days in a row ;) so, I let me my muscles rest yesterday. I went to the store though, but that was about it. Ok, need to bolt! I'll share a few pictures a little later.

See ya.

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