Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Saved the Pyscho Dog

Ok, remember "Brady", the pyscho dog that Courtney had to dog-sit while our neighbors were off to Mexico? The dog hates people, he's really anti-social and quite frankly, will try to take your arm off.

Well, I'm sitting at my computer, thinking that I need to go in, throw on some make-up, throw the hair in a ponytail and head off to the gym. But I got sucked into video's of orphanges and sat at my table with tears falling down my face. All of sudden, I hear the WORST dog yelp *ever*. Sadie, my cat, was next to me and jumped up scared to death. It was HIGH PITCH, LOUD, and some animal was in a lot of pain. So I dashed out on my deck and it was coming from Ty's house, where Brady lives. It sounded like their litle dog Lilly, so I thought that maybe she got stuck in the screen door or something. So, I dashed down the deck, across my yard- no shoes, running like a manic, peeked in their backyard and could only see Brady up on the deck. I knew he would attack me, so I kept asking him where Lilly was. One thing you'll know about me is that I talk to animals like they are poeple, it's quite strange really, but what can ya do?

I manage to get the door open which wasn't easy, then as I got a little closer to their screen door, I saw Brady had his foot stuck in a broken coffee table- the rod iron part. I walk inside their porch and my goodness, his little paw was twisted SO bad. I walked towards him and he started to growl. I knew that I had to help him, so I just walked up to him, talking to him all calmy, and moved his little body over, closer to where his paw was stuck so I could twist it out. He was moaning, bless his heart. I lifted his little paw and twisted it out and managed to get it out. I just sat there and consoled him for about 10-15min. and he kept looking at me in those poor, puppy dog eyes. I feel so bad for him. I don't know how to get ahold of Dorion or Ty's Mom to let them know what happened in case his little paw is broken. Brady followed beside me to the gate (that's where he liked to ecaspe), but I managed to close it so he woudln't get out. He was limping, but I don't think he would have walked down the steps and through the yard if he was hurt *that* bad, ya know? Then again, maybe....

They get home around 4pm, so I guess I'll just tell them then. Poor little dog. :(

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