Thursday, May 7, 2009


You know your pathetic and a wimp when you pick up the phone and call the person you aren't really talking to right now because they were insenstive, to say lightly. But you call this person, swallow your pride, and ask these simple words:

Me: "are you busy right now?"
Him: "Not really, why?"
Me: "I hate to ask you this, but is there anyway you can drive me down to my appointment downtown because I have no idea where I'm going".

Him: "Sure"
Me: "If you have things going on, it's no big deal- I'll figure it out, not a problem"
Him: "No, it's fine. I'll see you in about 30min."

So, I guess reality is... maybe I would actually rather listen to him talk on that stupid cell phone than enjoy listening to my favorite radio station. Either that, or.... I'm just really, really desperate and I am afraid:

1) I'll get lost
2) I'll be late and miss my appointment
3) I'll freak myself out and ruin my day because I'll be so turned around downtown with all those stupid one-way streets that I won't know what to do.

I'm off to the office to pick up my ride. Yes, pathetic, I know.. but hey, a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do!

oh stop.. like YOU wouldn't have done the same thing.

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