Friday, June 12, 2009

Ceromony Stuff...

One week from today, can you beleive it? I've been busy over this way, a little bit due to the wedding and the majority of the reason just due to life. It's been a busy summer already and it just started.

Courtney has been away at church camp since Monday and finally got home today. It rained 3 or days this week, 2 bad storms, but she survived. She had a GREAT time and coudln't stop talking about it. :)

We went out on the boat on Tuesday, beautiful day and had a nice time. We took Sky, D's little nephew, so the kids did a lot of swimming and laughing. :) I still have to edit the pictures (resize), but I think I may have a few to share....

We just got back from the church. D and Chris (Pastor's son) got a fire permit to burn some of the debree (tree limbs) so the kids had a great time. Sissy and I left after we stayed a bit and ran to Micheals to pick up the flower girl baskets, some ribbon for the cake, more petals, etc. Courtney and I had left prior to first getting there, ran to exchange her dress (too small), but they were already closed. So, have to do that first thing in the morning. We hit the store, picked up a few things and that's been about it! Chelc has been at her friends since around 4pm, so D just left to go pick her up. Allen just got out of the hospital yesterday (back surgery), so he invited her over. She's been over a few times (they aren't quite a "thing" yet, but he's been over here several times, we've met "the fam" and they've been out on a few dates and a few sunday afternoons to "hang out". He even went to church with her last Sunday, so... I think it's starting to become "something". She met him in Youth at Southeast Church- she knows a lot of his friends from CAL (where he goes), and he sure is a cutie! :) Great kid and he has the coolest car ever- butterfly doors and man, does he get attention. :)

Anyways... Sky is spending the night today, they are watching "Bolt" and getting ready to get to bed here shortly. I spent my day running around. Had my 2nd dress fitting at 3pm today, which makes me a little nervous. I pick it up at 7:30pm on Tuesday, the night before we leave town so needless to say, there's no room for error. They had to take off about 2ft off the bottom (shocker, I know).. but the dress is too big and just makes me look "thick" around the waist and from the side. They had to take the zipper in and cut off some excess fabric around the waist.. that's the next step. I'm praying the final fitting on Tuesday is a sealed deal because I left there really nervous.... we'll see. I SO wish I would have went with the "simple", "classic", "straight down" dress.. it was really figure flattering and the one that I got (D's favorite, YES.. I took him in with me after the 3rd time of trying to decide which one to get- lol)... it's a TOTAL princess style where it poofs out at the bottom and makes it appear that you have a butt and hips the size of a bus. Yeah, it's true.. it's *that* bad. I loved the dress, but I just felt "fat" in it. It's just not flattering. The other one just felt like "me", ya know? I was torn between the two, but let D make the final decision.. he LOVES the one that I got (princess style), so.. I guess that's all that matters. I'll feel like a total fat butt, but hey... I'll only have to wear it for 5 hours of my life right? Oh, and well... look at the pictures and always think back how fat I looked and felt that day (lol).

Here's the two dresses that I was choosing from. First the one that I LOVED.. VERY simple, VERY classic and *just* the style that I was going for: (Ignore the face in these shots... focus on the DRESS people, the DRESS :))

And, here's the fatty princess dress. Keep in mind it looks better than this picture, though I still look "thick" around the waist. It wasn't zipped or buttoned up in the back when Chelc took these pictures and it really does make a difference The top looks MASSIVE in these shots because it's not zipped/buttoned and it's just "hanging" there (lol).. it's normally fitting in the chest area and it doesn't lay that high on my chest (lol)...but, you get the idea... I like how the top fits once it's put on correctly :)

Finding a dress was PAINFUL. I was SO over it, you have no idea. So... when you see me walking down the aisle, just be happy that I'm wearing a stinking dress. Beleive me, if I didn't find one that day I was seriously not going to wear one. And, if you make ONE comment about how chunky I look on my wedding day, I will smack you. So.. just smile at me, know that this was D's FAVORITE dress (he LOVES it!), and that's all there is to it. Totally NOT the style i was going for. I actually told each of the bridal shops that I went to that I wanted "Simple".. and NOTHING like cinderella. And well, I walked out with exactly the style that I was totally against. fab, right?

These are the dresses that I ordered for the 3 little ones. Our colors are fushia and candy apple green. Reminds me JUST like the babies bedroom colors :)

D got a tux (don't ask!). I wanted this thing to be "simple" and it has turned into anything but.). Whatever the boy wants, I guess.... his tux is black with a grey vest. We had a TIME finding a dress for Court and Chelc in the colors we needed, so the lady talked me into doing black dresses and doing pink and green sashes around the middle of the dresses so.. here's the dresses we got them only this is without the sash.. the pop of color really makes them nice :)

These are our colors:

We have white chair covers for inside and outside. Outside the sashes/bows around the chairs will be pink and inside they will be green. Here's the venue we'll be getting married. It's a Vineyard & Bistro on the river....

We're hoping to pull off these flower balls... I LOVE them and think they will be perfect! :)

This is the cake we'll be ordering with green ribbon on bottom and pink on top. Very simple, but nice....

Our boutiques will be made with pink and green Hydrangeas. I'll be making these myself with real flowers.... should be easy, I saw how they do it at Micheals.. just wrapping ribbon around the base of the stems and hot glueing it.

What else? Menu is ordered... sounds really good. House Salad, Steak Medallian's, twice baked potato's, and some pasta dish that I picked out with bread crumbs on top (not sure what it's called). We're doing Appetizers and Cocktails/Wine being served down at the wedding site beginning at 6:15pm to make it "laid back". Then after the cermony we'll have open bar (both sides of the fam will be happy- lol), dinner, cake, then dancing :) Should be a lot of fun. D is a "smooth talker" and got the DJ for about $200 off his regular price, got the Harp player to come down $75 off her price, and got the photogragher for more than half her regular price. He's a good negotiator (lol). I'm hoping he can be a smooth talker with the florist, but.. not going to hold my breath on that one. (lol).

Should be really nice and relaxes/laid back. We picked out the songs for the Harp player and still need to finalize the songs for the DJ.

One problem... we don't have a Pastor or Justice of the Peace yet. I know, umm.. KINDA important. We NEED to get on this tommorow though....

Courtney wants to sing at the cermony, so we still need to figure out if it can be done with the harp player and how it would all work. She really wants to, so... I want to let her, ya know?

D is handling all the decorations for dinner and the reception, so.. I'm letting him run with it. Since that's what his family is known for (because of the hotel/convention thing) he says, "I got this" :) I wasn't going to do anything to be honest with you (yeah, the creative gal that I am), so... whatever he does will be better than what I had planned (lol).

Okay, I think that's about it! Oh.. found these cute centerpiece ideas with the limes as the base which is totally our colors so I'm playing around with the idea.. D likes the base idea, too.. sooo.. we'll see. I figure as long as we have the basics of this thing down then everything else is just a bonus so if it happens... it happens, and if it doesn't.. it doesn't, ya know?

Okay, it's 11:30pm now.. need to get these kiddo's off to bed, the movie is almost over and they are zonked! Courtney has been asleep for over 2 hours... ever since we got home she crashed on the couch. She's excited to actually sleep IN tommorow after having to get up at 6:30am every morning :) LOL...

More to come tommorow... I want to share pictures of Addi's graduation, too! So.. see ya then!

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