Friday, May 21, 2010

End of the week Rambles...

Other than this day totally wearing me out, it was a great one! I had to be at school by 8am for a field trip meeting. We were suppose to just get hammered with rain/thunderstorms today, so we had to move all the events indoors. The girls school is right across the street from a huge park which the school uses for events, it's always SUCH a big deal for CAL's field day. This school does it RIGHT, let me tell ya. BUT.. since the weather looked bad, it was Plan B. time. WHICH actually worked out better for moi. Yes, I weaseled my way out of staying in one place all day volenteering. Actually, a friend of mine (one of Addi's friends' mom..) was scheduled to volenteer in the same game section as me. AND, since there were no LESS than 12 VOLENTEERS that were crammed in one room along with 2 classes, well.. we decided to go hang with our 2 little munchins. :) Since they CLEARLY had MORE than enough volenteers in that area, I decided to just bee bop around & help out wherever was needed. Worked out SMASHING since I was able to hang with my 2 girls all day. :) They had a great time, just as I. :) Although after a VERY long day of play, I am totally SPENT. ZONKED. Plain 'ole TIRED. And, somehow.. they are outside jumping on the trampoline like they have all the engery in the world. Oh, if I could only bottle youth, how wonderful that would be. I'm old, people.. long days & zippo engery (ever!) proves that. Here are a few pictures from today....

Aspen with friends...


MmMmm. snowcones.

Aspen getting ready to shoot some hoops :)

.. don't let the height fool ya, this girl can SHOOT. :) LOVE her serious face here.

Aspen and Libby

I took advantage of ANY oppourtnity that I could actually get a picture of Aspen.

Because for some reason, this is how it ALWAYS is when I try to get her picture...

THIS was a REALLY-REALLY rare moment.. her actually LOOKING at the camera & being OKAY with it. :)

Then, THIS happens.... ie. ie. ie.

But, she likes to TAKE pictures.... oh, the hair.. the poor-poor hair.

.. and try to do really weird things in the process (this is her thumb.....)


Wicked! last night was (in my best, squealing voice...) INCREDIBLE! We had SUCH a great time, the show honestly was SO good. It was a long one, like 2.5hrs. and their voices... AMAZING. The music was excellent, the script was SO great.. we just had a really good time. I wish I would have taken my camera though, but... next time. We are already making plans to go see "Legally Blond, the musical!" next month. :) I can hardly wait.

The stellar husband did something really-really-really nice last night while I was gone. What did he do, you ask? Why, he bought me a flipping NEW DISHWASHER! Can I get a HECK YEAH?????... He returned one of the rugs that we had bought & swapped it out for a dishwasher which was on clearance. :) It's still in the process of being hooked up (he broke a hose while trying to hook it up apparently.. lol), but it should be in good ( working order by this evening. I'm stoked! Only now, we have a stainless dishwasher, and white appliances. Nice. HOWEVER.. they are remodeling Darryl's office & they were planning on buying a fridge for over there, (so).. Darryl told them that we would buy the frdige (stainless) for US, and they can have OUR white fridge. :) They agreed, and well.. of course *I* agreed. I hate out fridge, NO room... so, at least we'll have 2 out of the 4 applicances match until we replace the other 2. LOL.. hey, progress is progress.... :) just very thankful to finally not have to slave over the sink 2-3x a day now, handwashing dishes. Hmmm.. I wonder if my hands can get back to the smooth things they once were? They are anything BUT right now, so dry from all the soap & water. ewwww...

Ok... need to get a move on it. Later.

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