Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is it really only Tuesday?

.. I keep telling myself, "just a few more days of school, just a few more days...". I don't know if the brain is like programmed to actually start shutting down at the end of the school year, but I'm telling you.. getting up in the mornings has been HARD. We were even LATE last week, which never happens, well.. a few times this year, like twice, but honestly... the past 2wks has been SO hard in waking UP. Sissy gets out on Thursday, and the rest of 'em get out on Friday. I can't WAIT. :) Bring ON summertime, oooh yeah!

Well, the husband & I went to exchange the 2nd rug last night.. umm, don't ask WHAT we were thinking on THIS one. Yes, strike 3 on actually finding the RIGHT rug for our living room. I mean really, why is it so hard? We ended up getting a light tan colored one, nuetral, thinking that it *might* work. I was hesitant because I want chocolate brown (does that surprise you? didn't think so....), however D-man thought this one would look good. So, we gave it a try. And now???.. we have to haul this thing BACK to Homegoods, and try some place else. I mean really people, does it have to be THIS hard RUG shopping? Apparently so.

We also have been wanting a big picture for the wall going up our stairs, and we found one that is PERFECT with our decor'.. same pattern/style, same colors.. perfect-perfect-perfect. Well, we thought.... we haven't hung the thing because well, we just aren't sure if this picture "goes" in this place. I was hoping for a big oil painting on canvas... but, came across this picture. Tell me what you think, honestly.. I can take it. GREAT picture, just not sure on the placement. ???? Hmmm, so it sits.. for now.. until we figure out if we actually want to hang it up there. Oh, decisions decisions.....

D FINALLY got the dishwasher going, yes... success. Well, I think. Of course, I haven't ran a load of dishes yet but.. when I venture out today & get dishwashing detergent, I shall give it a go. The thing drove the boy CRAZY, let me tell you. He had it all hooked up but you know that backsplash thing, that isn't suppose to shoot water out? Well, ugh.. it shot water out. Apparently the garbage disposal hose was backed up which was causing it. BUT.. he figured it out & well, so far so good. :) I will let ya know how it feels to not have to hand wash dishes for the first time in, oh... 2.5 YEARS. :) I won't know how to act. Actually, I think the husband is more excited than I am, beleive it or. I don't know if it's because he didn't like seeing his wife slave over the sink 3 times a day, (or).. if he's just proud that he actually hooked the thing up successfully. Hmmm, that's a tough one to figure out, don't ya think? :) Oh, men.....

So yesterday after the girls & I got home from school, Aspen walked in the house first then Addi started screaming "SNAKE, SNAKE!.. MOMMA, A SNAKE!".. I came RUNNING up there & sure enough.. there was a flipping SNAKE about 15 inches long, not very fat at all, but a SNAKE nonetheless slithering up our front porch TRYING to get in our house. I guess Aspen just walked right passed the thing, how I don't know. I called D who asked me if I was comfortable getting the shovel out & slicing the thing in two, umm... am I COMFORTABLE? Yeah RIGHT!... SO, I gathered the kids, Aspen ran from the back door BACK to the front of the yard where we were standing... and then the thing slithered down into the bushes and WE.WERE.OUT.OF.THERE. We dashed to the backyard & screamed the whole way. I know, bunch of girls, right? :) D was apparently "on his way" to save the day.... cough-cough... the boy showed up no less than 45min. later. I mean really... of course, the snake was gone. He checked ONE bush & called it a day. Yeah, it always sounds good on the phone doesn't it? "I'm on my way, I'll be right there....". We could have been eaten a live by the time the boy got there. Yes, I'm sure it was a stupid garden snake or something of the sort, but I'm sorry.. a snake is a snake & I don't want that thing NEAR my house. After I got home this morning from taking the girls to school, I was walking SLOWLY up my walkway... eye-balling the bushes the entire time, thinking this snake was going to pop it's beedy little head out & bite me. JUST to have my pyscho cat JUMP out of the bushes & attack my feet. Umm, heart attack, much? The cat is lucky to be alive. I screamed (again....), oh.. our poor neighbors. argh!

So remember that REALLY REALLY pretty camera strap that I found that I want?.. you remember, don't ya? THIS ONE.... WELL... being the creative soul that I am (hahaha.. yes, a creative soul with good INTENTIONS, her follow through? umm, we're working on that).. found THIS:
It's a yard of STICKY RIBBON that looks SO SO SO much like the roses on that camera strap, with sticky mesh and ALL. SO... yours TRULY is going to sew herself up a camera strap, plop on this "gotta have" rose ribbon by "Dear Lizzy" (American Crafts).. sew that bad boy on and PRAY that it turns out. I am heading to Archivers today (scrapbook store HEAVEN....) to see if I can locate it. Doing the touchdown dance at the sheer thought of being able to re-create that bad boy for under $10. Now.. lets see if I can 1) Find the rose ribbon (it's sold out everywhere it seems).. 2) Sew the camera strap CORRECTLY 3) Umm, actually get to step 2 in order to bring it to life. :) I will keep you abreast of my progress. :)

We had a few people over on Saturday night for a BBQ.. it was SOOO nice out, we couldn't resist! This Saturday, we are having our friends Cherie & Jay over only Jay *insisted* he wanted to do chicken wings in his turkey fryer :) so, who are we to say no? :) Now I just have to figure out all the side dishes that could go with "wings".... hmmm... ideas????.... I DO know however that I HAVE to got to Sams & get another one of those SCRUMPTIOUS TO-DIE-FOR strawberry cheesecakes that we found there a few weeks ago. HEAVEN.. PURE heaven! I have never tasted anything like it before IN. MY. LIFE... and dude, I don't even LIKE cheesecake that much. But this stuff? CRAVING it.. honestly, my tastebuds won't leave me alone about this stuff. We went on Saturday in hopes to score one, but.. SOLD OUT. Pfft, no wonder.. the stuff ROCKS. So, hopefully they will get another shipment in this week because girlfriend wants it. :) If I score one I will HAVE to share the brand because I'm telling you.... it will never leave you the same again. Yeah, THAT good.

Ok.. it's 10:30am, and this chick needs to throw on a dress (I still have on jeans & a tee from taking the girls to school.... oh, how lovely I look in the mornings :)).. because the sun is shining, it's suppose to be 90 degrees, and by golly.. I'm ready to celebrate SUMMER! Yellow sundress, here I come. I'm off to Archivers in hopes to find that rose ribbon & then see what else I can get myself into. :) Enjoy your day everyone....

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Hillary said...

Hey Girlie,

Did you make the camera strap yet? If so, post a picture. I love it :o)