Thursday, March 8, 2012

Why, hello there little blog.

If I had audio capibilities, you would so hear me sqealing right about now. :) I've been wanting to dive back into blogging for some time now because oh, how I've missed it.

I am considering starting another blog.. more focused on thoughts, thrifting finds, recipes, and crafts. This blog has always been more of a private family blog, documenting our lives & growth in general. So, if I decide to launch a new site, I will be sure to share. I may keep this one as a "family" blog- still a place for deep thoughts, updates on the family, etc., and still keeping this one pretty private-- yet starting another one in the direction that I want to take it. :) We shall see, people, we shall see. :) Either way, I'm tickled to be writing again.

I have been working on a post about growth, and just life in general. So much to say... so, stay tuned. :)

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