Friday, March 9, 2012


I can always tell when my life begins to get out of balance. I start to lose the peace in my mind, and then I start to get cranky or just blah feeling. I've learned just how important balance is in my life and that when I have it, there's peace.. happiness.. contentment.

It's no secret that I've been doing a lot of reflection and self-discovery in my life latley. I'm a firm beleiver that it's vital to dig deep within yourself, to really, really know yourself, and to make any changes where needed. I stopped living my life in stagnic mode years ago because I just got tired of going through the motions. I can look back now at different seasons of my life where I was unhappy & was seeking "change", yet what I was really needing at the time was simply balance. When we're at peace with ourselves and our lives are in balance, it makes for a much happier person. The key is to find out what things drain you, and what things bring you peace... from there, you will find balance. I've always been wired to be a postive person, it's just who I am. However, I also recongize the things in life that start to pull me down.

Here are a few things that I have learned that are important, or that I need to do to maintain balance in my life:

- Quite time: I learned that I'm an introvert in the sense that I refuel simply by being alone. I need the quite time to connect to my thoughts, gain perspective, listen to my heart, reflect, and this is also the time I get close with God.

- As few schedules or scheduled events as possible: I do so much better when I can just live life as simply as possible. When our schedules are full and we have a million places to be, it totally gets me out of whack! This causes stress, anxity, and sister just doesn't do good with it. Some people need to go-go-go, I am not one of them. I'm happier when life is slow, slow, slow. Put too much on my plate, it will throw my balance off in a second.

- Simple: I am much happier when I can just stay at home, relax, spend time with my family, and just chill. I'm a total homebody. Home is what brings me peace.

- Avoid crowds: Again, that introvert-side of me. I dislike crowds and they actually even wig me out. The husband & I do "date night" once a week and go out to dinner.. here's the catcher: We wait until 8:45pm to go to the resturant to avoid a scene. Crowds drain me... I need few people around me & I'm happy.

- A clean, orderly home: Clutter paralizes my brain- it took me a long time to figure this out. If there is too much on the kitchen counter while I'm cooking, my mind can't function. Same to be said in other areas of my home. Clutter = chaos in my brain. I've gotten really good at purging.. this is a very good thing.

- Prayer: My faith is vital in maintaning balance. When I'm close to God, going to church, really connecting to God thru prayer, my heart is at peace, I'm full. This helps me gain perspective & insight.

- A flexible schedule with order at the same time: I'm so ADD (to the core), so having a structured, yet flexible schedule (hence why I love being a stay at home mom/wife) helps keeps me on track . I learned that I have to do things in stages most the time or I tend to float and get nothing done.

- Productivity: This was a big lesson for me to learn. I feel more balanced when I have a productive day. When I can look at a project & know that I completed it, or mark something off my "to do" list, ah.. peace. Otherwise, if it's a non-productive day, my engery gets drained, I feel "blah", and tend to let it get to me. So, I ususally pick 3 things a day that I know I can knock out to help in this area. That way, 9 times out of 10... I feel good about what I have gotten done. Even the smallest of tasks give me peace as long as I completed them. This is important for that mind of mine. :)

- Quality time with my husband/family: Connecting with my girls and with my husband is vital for me.

- Exercise: This is so important for me. I am the type of person who simply has to exercise to bring my mind peace. I feel so so so good after I exercise. I feel better mentally, physically, and also spiritually. I work out at Southeast Church, a mega-church here in Louisville, and so we work out to worship music, have devotional, and prayer. LOVE it.

- Eating healthy: I've learned so much about how certain foods alter my moods or my state of mind. I try to eat as much healthy foods as possible.. oh, how I LOVE my salads! However, when I eat the wrong foods.. (for example: pizza, danish, greesy fried food, high starchy or high carby foods) mood & peace of mind changes. It also drains me both mentally and physically. Healthy food is SO important in maintaining my balance.... this, I've learned without question! If I eat lots of veggies, I'm good.

- Doing the things that I enjoy: I am most balance/happy when you find me pouring my heart out through words, through doing something creative like scrapbooking, DIY projects, sewing, etc. This allows my mind to just be free-- such a good release.

- Authentic Relationships: I've always been wired where I have never needed a lot of people around me to be happy. I've always been more of a "family" type of chick, though friendships are important to me. However, I have found that non-authentic relationships drain me. I have learned that investing my time & engery into these types of relationships take a toll on me mentally, and emotionally. My balance = authentic relationships.

- Postive People: The quote above reads: "Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher!" Ah, so much truth in that! Negative people that complain and find fault in others and in everything around them totally drain me to my core. I need like-minded people around me... those that are postive & that see the good. THIS brings me balance & peace.

- Good Planning: If there is something coming up, I need to know in advance so my mind can prepare for it. I am a planner, I have to know in advanced or it gets me all out of whack.

- Less Computer time: I've learned to limit my computer time because of how much peace this was sucking out of me. I decided to step away from facebook a month ago, and it's been so liberating! I miss talking to a lot of friends on there, but it was just sucking the joy out of me. So, really monitoring the amount of time I spend on here is vital in helping me feel balanced. Less computer time = more productivity & time spent w/ my family... both which bring me peace.

I'm sure there are more, but this is what comes to mind at the moment. :) Balance is so so important to me. It took me a long time to really see this for what it is, but I'm so thankful that I can now reconginize the things that I am lacking, or the things that I may be doing too much of, to get me back on course.


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