Thursday, April 26, 2012

Field Trip day..

Today, I spent the day with this little girl....

Sissy had a field trip at Adventure Camp, oh how she loves going to that place! We've been able to go about 5 times now since 3rd grade, and each & every time... I've gotten lost driving there. I know, I'm a mess, right? But, once I get there... we always have such a great time. Today, she caught a fish, a bass

She was able to shoot a bb gun, a bow 'n arrow, canoe, 2 boats, and plenty more. She had a blast! She also had her face painted... before I got there, and choose a mustache (bleech), and an ice cream cone on her cheek. :)

We had an awesome day!

Tomorrow is Courtney's Jr/Sr. night at school. Yes, she's a freshman... but her date is a Jr., so she gets to go! We took her dress in to have the shoulder strap altered, and the darn zipper broke. It's always something, isn't it? So, her dress won't be ready until 3pm tomorrow-- the event starts at 5pm., nice, eeh? But, she has the day off from school.. so we have plans to go get her hair done, both of our nails "did" :), and lunch. Should be another good day. :)

I'm off to whip up some dinner for the fam.... I'll be back tomorrow with lots of pictures of Courtney :) I'm excited for her!

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