Monday, April 30, 2012

Great weekend!

We had a really enjoyable weekend, which was so very welcomed! After our crazy week, all the running around, Darryl working long hours after his office move & his big meeting, and just life in general- our weekend turned out to be a pretty laid back, simple, yet fun weekend for all.

Friday evening was Courtney's Jr/Sr night at her school. Her dress gave us quite the fit, but other than a broken zipper that we had to rig at the very last minute, it turned out A-Okay & she ended up having a great time.

All the Jr/Sr's and their dates, got all decked out, took a trolly to Captain Courters on the river, then loaded into a big boat & headed downtown for a nice dinner. Afterwards, they all went back to school for ice cream, changed clothes, then the school rented out a fun-park called Renaissance Fun Park where they raced go-carts, played lazer tag, and just had a great time! She is still recovering from the lack of sleep, but... well worth it. :) Sounded like she had a blast.

Saturday morning we had an early soccer game, and boy was it cold. I thought last week was rough with the cold, yucky rain-- but this week? ((freezing)).

We stopped for breakfast, squeezed in a 30min. nap (I wasn't feeling the greatest, cold, allergies...who knows) but then it warmed up outside... A LOT so dad decided to take the girls fishing and boy, did they have a blast! Aspen stayed behind with Courtney & I, but Addi & Savannah were bouncing off the walls to go & they were almost just as excited to fish as Dad. :) I swear Darryl became this over-stimulated happy-freak... he was so pumped, I loved it! :) After the last few weeks he had with work, I was excited he was finally able to go do something fun.

I got call after call from the lake, telling me about each and every fish that they caught. They found a perfect lake and they were catching so many fish it was unreal. Addi reeled in a 3lb bass, she said it almost pulled her in. :) Addi caught 11 fish that day, Savannah about 9, and dad 7. He spent most of the time putting on the worms, taking fish off, you know the drill.... But he said he had a blast watching the girls. :) They came back all smiles & really had a great time. I, on the other hand, wasn't feeling the best after the soccer game. I came down with a cold or allergies and was just feeling blah. But I ended up getting a second wind and contemplated going downstairs to my craft room to get creative, or.... cleaning up around the house. The house idea won. I attacked my very much needed pantry and cleaned/organized that bad-boy for over an hour. Everytime I walk in there now I have to smile. :) Ah, progress feels awesome! I did a ton of laundry, and just cleaning in general. Maybe not as fun as fishing, but the progress & productivity made me feel good.

Sunday morning was church as ususal. :) Afterwards, we stopped off at a nearby bait-shop and then D took the girls fishing, again. :) The 3 of them enjoyed it so much they couldn't wait to get back there, it made my day just seeing how much fun they have. All smiles, lots of joking around, and really good father/daughter bonding time- I love it! They asked me to go, but this cold or allergies still had me all stuffy with a throbbing headache, so I thought the last thing I needed was to hang out in the woods by a lake. So, I told them next weekend, count me in! :) They had another successful day.. between both days they caught over 54 fish! Now that's some fishin'

Aspen & Courtney stayed behind with me again...are you seeing a pattern, here?, Courtney got caught up on some much needed sleep, Aspen did lots of drawing (her favorite pastime), and as for me... I cleaned a little, then decided to tackle some spray-painting projects that have been on my mind. :) I had a great afternoon... so laid back, so peaceful, and very much needed. I ran out of paint mid-way, so the 3 of us loaded up & headed off to Target...cart full of stuff & then when I walked around that store twice, I finally asked someone where their spray paint was, "Oh, I'm sorry.. we don't carry spray paint. There's been all kinds of people in this week looking for spray paint, it's weird!"... great. Thankfully there is a Walmart Supercenter adjoined to the Target, I know, weird, huh? I never understood it... until yesterday and now I'm a fan of the side by side stores. Scored the spray paint and a $5 chair cushion for one of my projects. So, we were back in business! I posted the before & after pictures in the next post :) ah, progress feels so so good!

So, really nice, laid back weekend. The girls & I made brownies, we ordered Indian take-out, and each of us were able to embrace the simple things that bring balance in our lives. Ah, what a beautiful thing. :)

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