Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gettin' Jiggy with it....

The girls and I ventured off to the movies yesterday... our plan was to go see "Mirror, Mirror" but a few of the girls have been wanting to see "The Lorax", so... that's what we did. Savannah enjoyed it, I knew she would :).. the rest of us thought it was, "eeh, okay..." but we had a good time nonetheless.

We stopped off for ice cream afterwards, then mosied back home so the girls could challenge dad to a volleyball game. Sure, we could have used the soccer net in the backyard as a possible net option, however... the sidewalk works just as well in our
opinion. :)

We had a pretty chill night... ordered take-out, Indian...again... The girls begged for it, so what can ya do? Chelcey and Sean had plans to go to a concert with some friends for her birthday, so they were pretty excited about that! She's been wanting a pair of colored skinny's for the longest time, so she went out looking for them & scored these bad boys! She looked super cute!

The girls stayed up (way) too late last night, which this chick wasn't too psyched about. I made them go to bed when we did... around 11pm, which was still later than it should have been. Big soccer game this morning. But, I remember hearing loud, high-pitch screams & a bouncy ball hitting the wall around 1am. I let it go, too tired to get up out of bed to get onto them. But then, I heard it again around 2:30am... oh, sister wasn't happy. I yanked those covers off, miffed that I got woke up..again... got onto them, turned off the tv, took the ball away, turned off the lights...again... and pretty much made my point. I didn't hear another sound. Nice work!. Needless to say, we were up at 8am this morning for their soccer game, and for 3 little girls who were very short on sleep... they still played like rock stars!

Today was our first away game... all the way on the southwest end of town. It rained quite a bit this morning, so we thought for sure the game would get canceled, but... we attempted it anyways. We got there, it was raining... but, the game was still on, so... needless to say, it was a little wet & a little cold. But, fun nonetheless. Half our team was out of town, only 6 players showed up---3 being our girls! so the other team played 7 players against our 6. They didn't stop playing the entire game and we still won.. 2-1. Aspen scored both the goals. She's scored 5 goals this year, she's a maniac on the field. Addi, too. A girl from the other team told them, "You guys are really good!" I thought that was pretty sweet. They had a lot of fun... a lot of laughing, that's for sure!

The girls are zonked beyond imagine. We stopped off for lunch, and now they each have a blanket and are just doing their own thing. Aspen is drawing, the other 2 are downstairs watching Dolphin Tale. Sissy made the comment, "Addi, if I fall asleep during the movie, don't wake me up.. I'm tired!" Pfft, ya think? :)

As for me, I am getting ready to do a little cleaning (stressing the word little right there, mind you) and then locking myself in my craft room so I can finally go get jiggy with it. The girls and I still have our online art class to do, but.. I think that might be a tomorrow project :) sisters need some sleep, no doubt!

Peace out!

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