Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sister Rocked it Out!

... the whole cleaning thing that I mentioned doing yesterday? yeah, well.... that didn't exactly happen as I expected. I mean, if we're being real & all... I maybe put a few dishes away, started the washing machine (because honestly, how long does putting a load of laundry in actually take?) and well, yep! By golly, I think that pretty much sums up my cleaning ritual for the day. Oh c'mon, like you've never been a slacker!

But... when girlfriend had plans to lock herself in her craft room & "get jiggy with it" ... get jiggy with it, she did! I knocked out a few little projects that have been on my "to do" list for a few weeks now...and it felt so good! I also managed to move my furniture around a few times, in hopes to find "just the right placement" for everything so I could then start to hang all the pictures, put up the shelves, and everything else that has been ready to find its place in this room. I really think I'm over-thinking it. I know which placement looks better, visually. However, I'm more about accessibility, I'm finding. Yes, I want a pretty room.. I've waited my whole life for a room like this. But, it's a large room... thankful, yes... but if I'm sitting at my table and have to walk all the way across the room every time I may need something, well... c'mon, what good is that? We're adding cabinets in there soon, so I think that is in the back of mind as well... not sure what to do in the interium. So.. I'm waiting. Waiting for just the right design to hit me, I suppose. But.. we did make a little progress. The D-ster has been hanging out with me in here all night, so he hung up my "ART" letters that have been waiting to adorn my wall.

I scored those at Hobby Lobby a few months ago for 50% off..ya gotta love a good bargain! Though I wasn't too excited about the color, my end goal was to paint them, distress them, and give them a new look. However, after seeing them up there... I think they'll work just fine. code for: "much easier this way" Hey, sister ain't no fool... just get it up & decide later. Smart move.

Most of you know that my theme for my room is shabby chic... I love the vintage feel and just can't get enough of it! So, a few of the projects I knocked out were things to go along with my theme.

First off, I've been wanting to make a moss frame ever since I saw a wedding sign on mind you, it was huge- and a chalkboard- another project that I may put together up the road, but it inspired the little idea of this little cutie:

So-so easy, and so-so quick to make! I think the whole thing took less than 10min. Honestly, the thing that took me the longest was deciding what quote to put inside the thing. Still not sure if this is the one that will remain, but hey... progress, is progress. I scored the moss at the dollar tree, yep... one dollar!. The frame was a close-out at Marshalls, $3.99. So, cheap project and I only used a quarter of the moss. We'll save the rest for a rainy day.

Then, onto another little frame-project. Nothing too jazzy, but.. simple & cute nonetheless. Another cheapy frame, $3.99.. just added burlap and a crochet flower for a vintage feel. I'm thinking I might add a burlap flower to the lower corner...still deciding. It was quick & easy, and something cute to add to my, once I find out where to actually hang the shelf, mind you.(cough-cough)

Next up, finally I decided to do a little something to the porcelain lamp that I scored at Goodwill a few months back. My plan for a lamp in this room was a burlap lampshade...I had it all envisioned in my mind. I mosied on into Goodwill in hopes for a blank lampshade so I could give it a whole new look. I left there with a porcelain, rosette lamp with an off-white linen lampshade. I knew it would work!. I spent a little more than I anticipated.. $12.99, I believe, but it was pretty.. and vintage-y. Tonight, I added simple lace to the bottom of the linen shade, and a few burlap rosettes and viola! Simple little fixes. Although, tonight I learned that my heart, who happens to be madly in love with burlap, was never informed just how difficult it is to work with this lovely, but crazy, textured stuff. Saying that this stuff is difficult is putting it lightly. Making little rosette's with this stuff was tough. I think I gave myself 3rd degree burns with the heat gun, but hey... it's all in good fun, right?

Then, I busted out an earring holder because quite frankly, if I even gave you a glimps into my "bowl-like-thing" that has been holding the majority of all my jewlrey...all tangled up & most of it all ruined now because of it, mind you... it would scare you. Really, it would!. But, I will spare you. I will, however, show you the little something that I made to actually hold my earrings. I saw something on that had some wire & such, but.... girlfriend just used jute, a picture frame, some hot glue, and added some lace & burlap rosettes. Nothin' too fancy-smancy... but, it'll work nonetheless. Boyfriend (aka: Husband, also known as the "D-ster"), wasn't all too impressed, but hey... what does he know about this kind of stuff, anyways? perciesly my point. It's a girl thing.. and Courtney was impressed. And Chelcey, too. This little bad boy gadget will soon be hanging in my recently new addition of a closet. And, just for the record, I found about 6 pair of earrings in that "bowl-of-a-thing" that only have one earring each, so.. the hunt is on. There were lots of them that I forgot I even had..(thanks to the black hole of that messy jewlry bowl..ever since we moved) It was like shopping in that "bowl" of mine, reaching in and pulling out things that I've never seen before. Yeah, it's that messy, people.... Thankful that I now have a place for my necklaces..thank you, Marshalls..., and now, a place for my earrings. I just need to whip out the project I have in mind for my braclets and then we're in business. :)

... that hutch of mine? yeah, it's still sitting in the wrong corner, my table isn't sitting where it should be, and my pictures are propped up against the wall. But hey... we'll get there!.

I have several other projects on my rader. It felt SO good to get in there & just CREATE! Darryl hung out with me the majority of the time and we had so much fun. We ordered pizza for the girls, so another spring break evening of no cooking for me :) (and), the D-ster cleaned up the rest of my kitchen while he was waiting on the pizza guy! So, to say that it hasn't felt too "Spring Breakish"... well, I take that back! It's been a great, laid-back "break".

The girls vegged out most of the day & they were more than perfectly fine with that idea. :) Little sleep & non-stop soccer game wore their little butts out!Their Aunt called, to take them shopping at JoAnn's for some crafty things (a belated Christmas gift), but... Savannah asked her if they could reschedule their shopping trip for today, Sunday. Now, when you hear Savannah not jumping on a chance to go shopping, well... you know the girl must be tired!. They had a great time, and best of fighting. Just lots of giggling, and Sammy even cuddled with them on the couch quite a bit, too. :)

We missed church this morning, something that rarely ever happens.. esp. on a Sunday morning. But, it's the last day of Spring Break and poor Darryl has been go-go-go lately with work, non-stop! He hasn't been able to sleep in in months, so... a little rest was quite needed for him. This is "moving week" at his office... they are all moving into the new office building, so I have a feeling this will be a very stressful week for him--- he has so much going on right now. Add a move in the mix of everything, and hang on for dear life! He woke up this morning & made us all breakfast (his yummy southwestern Burritto's), and now he & Addi are finishing up my closet.[love]. He insisted....what a sweetheart!. So, you know what that means? I'll be organizing, hanging, sorting through all my clothes like a mad-woman today. I've waited for this day since we moved into this house.. ah....finally, a place to hang all my clothes! :)

Beautiful day today. D wants to take the girls to do something on their last day of freedom, so... we'll see what we can get ourselves into. :) SO ready for summer, though... the laid back schedule & just go with the flow daily routine. It's soon though, only a little over 30 more days left of school then we're home free!. :) whahoo!!!!

Enjoy your day.

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