Saturday, June 2, 2012

Last Day of School! Whoo hoo...

Thursday was the girls last day of school. Needless to say, this is a very, very wonderful thing.

For end of year teacher gifts we did little bags full of chocolate, their teacher's favorite drink, and this....
A beautiful orchid. Oh, how I love orchids! And, Kroger had them on sale for an awesome price, so it made it even sweeter! :) I whipped up little cards to attach to each of them and didn't even realize until after the fact that I had a typ-o, go figure, eeh? The card said...
"Thank you for helping me GROW this year. You are a "wonder" teacher and we hope you have a great summer!" Yeah, my "wonderful" teacher comment, turned into "wonder". Hey, what can ya do but laugh? :) It's the thought that counts, um..right? :)

Savannah was lucky and had a half day, so we met up with Courtney and Chelcey and celebrated with lunch at Red Robin, Savannah's choice, which Mama happily agreed. They have the best chicken fiesta salad *ever*. Aspen and Addi had their closing chapel at their school at 1pm, so we headed that way. We worshipped, enjoyed listening to the speaches from the 8th graders, and a couple of the 7th grade girls on the worship team got it ON! Ah man, their voices were amazing, they blew me away. Just incredible! After the girls said their good-byes to their friends, we all packed up and headed to this little place...

Ah, nothing like a little homemade ice cream to celebrate the kick-off to summer! I almost bought a few pints of their ice cream...esp. their bannana (slurp), but sister refrained. I went to target this week and bought 5lb and 8lb weights, and an exercise ball and I mean really, what good is it if my favorite ice cream will just be sitting in that freezer of mine, tempting me everytime I have to open it up? My point exactly. :) Good self control, sister!

We were waiting around on D to head to the pool, he asked us to wait on him because he wanted to go, so... we did. Addi and I hung outside, playing with Sammy and just goofing off. Sammy, our dog, has calmed down so much. That first year with him, puppy stage I was done! I would rather have 10 toddlers at one given time than Sammy as a puppy. The dog was ADHD, didn't listen, was just crazy! So crazy that Addi wouldn't even go near him half the time because he was so agressive, jumping on her, nipping, etc. We tried to give this dog away, but it never worked out. Which I'm so glad! This dog brings me SO much joy it's helarious, the girls, too. Now, he'll give you kisses all over the place vs. trying to take your face off. He's very lovable now, and just has the cutest personality.

See, even Addi thinks so :)

After D finally showed up, it was starting to get cloudy because of a storm moving in, and then the pool guy called and said he was on his way. So, all the waiting for nothing. But, I did what any good Mom would do... since both Addi & Sissy wanted to go, we overlooked the crazy clouds and the 3 of us hurried & loaded up in the car and headed to the pool! We were racing the bad weather all the way there & boy were there lots of giggles. Savannah kept saying, "Thank you, Mama!".. I swear, 5 times in the short 2 minute drive there. :) It really is the little things that go a long way, ya know? I informed them that once Mama see's lightning, we're outta there, no questions asked! They were all smiles and yeah, the sky looked horrible, but... it was the last day of school, and we were determined to make the best of it! Thankfully we live so close, about 2 minutes away, because we no longer got there, they jumped in and not 5 minutes later the clouds had really moved in and then 2 bolts of lightening made their way across the sky. So, outta the pool they went. Hey, 5 minutes of swimming, is 5 minutes of swimming. :) It totally made their night & so worth it to see them smiling so much. We had great timing, too. We made it in the car right before the rain started pouring down. :)

We ended up losing power that night around 8:30pm or so, and we all chilled around candlelight until it was time for bed. The power tried to come back on around 11pm, but then it quickly went out again. I have no idea what time it finally decided to come back on because this gal was sound to sleep.

We had a really good day today, Saturday. D & I woke up pretty early, story of our lives, and I spent the morning outside.. planting more flowers and more veggies. I love it out there... just so peaceful and I enjoy it so much. The blue jay's and cardinals are getting to the point now where they just come up on the deck when I'm out there and eat away. :) It's like I'm not even there, esp. those big 'ole blue jays.... cracks me up! :) My peppers and cucumbers already have little blooms on them which makes me super excited. I'm hoping to plant more tomorrow.... I'll share pictures of my veggies soon. :)

I stayed busy all day, mainly outside because it was so nice- low 70's, even a little breezy. However.... because the girls swimming venture got cut so short last night, they were begging to go to the pool. We tried to reason with them, telling them how stinkin' COLD it was outside, but they begged and begged and begged. So, we just rolled with it. :) Loaded the girls up, and then watched their lips turn purple while we were there. Ah, good times, good times....

They had an awesome time, though. You know it's a good trip when all 3 of them were hugging on one another, kissing one another on the cheeks, and just laughing until you thought they were going to pee themselves. Thankful for a go with the flow day. I had a proud Mommy moment when the girls were playing this game where one would hang onto the side of the pool, and the other 2 had to pull the other one off. If they pulled her off, then they would win & would get to drag her around the pool by her feet. Yes, simple entertainment, no doubt...quite funny to watch, as well. Anyways, Aspen was the one hanging onto the side of the pool this time, and no matter how much Addi & Savannah tried to pull her off, she wouldn't budge. All of a sudden you hear Savannah pipe up and say, "Wow, it's like Aspen is hot-glued to the wall" hahaha.... totally made me laugh!

I decided to break out the spray paint today & finished up a few things. I'll save that for my next post though. :) There's just something about spray paint that makes this girl all giddy. The girls hung outside with me and even Savannah said, 'Ah, I just love the smell of spray paint!". :) Yeah, me too, little chick... me, too!. :) I'm training her good, don't ya think? :)

You will happy to know that I locked myself in my laundry room on Friday and when I came out I was greeted by Aspen who took one look at all the folded & hung up clothes she said, "WOW!" with a big 'ole smile as if she was all impressed. Savannah showed up about 5min. later, patted me on the back and said, "Nice work on the laundry room, Mom!" :) So, success all the way around. I was on a mission, and though I'm not finished in that place (is a laundry room of a family of 7 ever finished? My point exactly... I felt great with all the progress. :)

On that note, I'll leave you with a few pictures....

Ah, my little squirrly friend :)

Peace out, homies!

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